Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions & Goal Update

Happy New Year!
So now, new year's resolutions....?
Well, I will make some less quantitative, more virtue oriented guidelines instead of adding to the goals from last year. I'm keeping the 101 list going and update occasionally. I did mark some off in 2012. There may be some that just don't happen by 2014, and other I'll replace.

Break molds & Don't let the past define me
I will accomplish my goals and dreams because I can
Put school first priority of my day
Meal plan
Be me and be happy about it
Find joy in simplicity
Realize all is a gift; all is in God's plan
Play it forward in helping and giving to others
Spend less
Save more
Eat less
Exercise more
Complain and worry less
Pray and trust more
Stop worrying about what others think
Don't judge others
Don't criticise others
Think of what would make Jesus happy
Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance
Be more grateful
Get organized
Throw out more junk and don't allow any in
Reach out to friends more
Make time for prayer, exercise and reading
Help kids find activities they love
Finish projects before starting another

Corporal Works of Mercy
Feed the hungry
Give drink to the thirsty
Clothe the naked
Shelter the homeless
Visit the sick
Visit the imprisoned
Bury the dead

The Spiritual Works of Mercy
Admonish the sinner
Instruct the ignorant
Counsel the doubtful
Comfort the sorrowful
Bear wrongs patiently
Forgive all injuries
Pray for the living and the dead

2013 Patron Saint - Saint Augustine

101 Goals in 1001 days
Starting January 11, 2012 - Ending October 7, 2014

1. make a cookbook scrapbook
2. Build a fence for the dogs
3. family every night at 9 p.m  working on it
4. loose I, II, III, IV, V pound goals
5. run the  mile loop
6. don't cuss for one full week
7. don't loose temper for one full week.
8. make each child smile every day of the week
9. sew an item of clothing   Lilly's quilt
10. paint a picture with oil paint
11. learn a new song on the piano
12. learn a new song and sing it with children  (working on Holy God We Praise Thy Name)
13. memorize a poem   November 2012
14. take care of xxxxx March 2012
15. stop and conquer sugar addiction     clear goal ongoing struggle
16 go to an art museum
17. take kids to DC Colonial Williamsburg
18. stop biting nails  January 2012
19. get disposal so I can stop nagging
20. school - get kids above grade level in Math & LA
21. get pedi scratch
21. Feed the homeless
22 take family to confession
23 family read aloud every day
24 only one meal out per week
25 cook one meal at home every day
26 visit Grand Canyon scratch
26 visit friends and family more
27.take kids on vacation out of country anywhere
28. get kids passports
29 M test scores up
30 Host Easter Egg hunt and feast  Easter 2012
31 Pick strawberries
32 Take N to state capital March 2012
33 Dinner out with M Vic & Anthony's 1/2012
34 Dinner out with just M
35 Dinner out with just N
36 Dinner out with just E
37 Dinner out with just C
38 Go to Austin just to visit Donna March 2012
39 Go to eye doctor April 2012
40 Do family puzzle
41 Get in habit of keeping holy the Sabbath - no unnecessary work 
42 Visit family & friends in TN
43 Take kids hiking in Tennessee
44 Make family's Lebanese recipes
45. Do something nice for stranger
46 Take a photo every day.
47 Enter a photo contest
48 Clean out attic
49 Read a novel
50 Take an exercise class with M
51 Grow a garden
52 Go to a movie with hubby
53 Go out to eat with hubby
54 Make candlelight dinner for hubby
55 Eliminate white flour from diet
56 Eliminated soda from diet
57 Get kids to water ski
58 Get kids to go sailing
59 Get a basketball goal
60 Go to the dentist
61 Go to the chiropractor
62 Get N braces
63 Get hubby to qwlc
64 Go C&W dancing
65 Take kids C&W dancing
66 Finish N's therapy
67 Finish Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving
68 Send handwritten letter to five people
69 Go grocery shopping and stick to list
70 Host a neighbor to tea
71 Start recycling
72 Have tea with girls one a week
73 Take girls shopping for tea items
74 Relearn Spanish and use phrases with kids
75 Get wedding photo redone and hung
76 Take family portrait
77 Let hair go back to natural
78 Visit New York in Christmastime scratch
78 Get Cc therapy started
79 Start riding bike
80 Read Bible daily
81 Memorize Bible verses with kids
82 Start outdoor nativity tradition
83 Monthly nature walk and add to journal
84 Have good and prayerful Lent
85 Organize photos
86 Visit an old friend
87 Go on 6  a couple rv trips a year
88 Plan 25th anniversary party
89 Use only positive words
90 Take Donna on trip 
91 Go visit family cemetery in TN
92 Make sushi
93 Keep routine to keep house clean
94 Go no tv for lent
95 make an apple pie from scratch
96 Have salad every day for a  week
97 Paint a room in the house
98 plant bulbs
99 write our will
100 declutter & donate
101 Teach M to drive

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