Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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I always want to decorate around the outside during the Holiday season, but rarely get motivated or have the supplies or time. My neighborhood goes all out with lights and a variety of blow up things in their yards. Some are themed about the Birth of Christ, others are filled with snowmen, Santa, Santa's elves, and the like. This year, I found an outdoor set and was thrilled to see that the little baby was removable!! So here is my small humble contribution to the spectacle of my neighborhood. The violet lights will be removed Christmas morning and little baby Jesus and brighter lights will appear.

My new favorite spot to sit in my house. It shows two recent completed painting projects I took on at the encouragement of my hubby. The dining room has a combination of tints and glossy paints and the pantry is "lentil" color(which is much darker than I thought). But the color turned out perfect for that small area. If the lines don't look straight, I'm sure it's just camera angle. ;)
The fear of crooked lines have kept me from putting my personal touch on my house long enough. I am not planning another project right now, although I have a fresh gallon of an ocher paint....may look nice in my bathroom....?
Doesn't my roadrunner look happy in his new spot atop my china hutch?

Experimenting with a fish eye lens, just makes everything and everyone look funny.

Lily and her love of Clifford, behind the stack of books Cc picked to bring home. The Clifford book is about manners and Lilly looks concerned on one instruction: "What? It's not okay to take your sisters' things without asking?"


  1. Your walls are gorgeous! So rich looking...

  2. Wow, I really like that lentil color! And that is so funny about your daughter. Live and learn, right? :)