Thursday, December 13, 2012

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I like to keep a little reminder of Christmas out the whole year. My husband's sweet aunt and world traveler, keeps us in mind when she sees nativity crafts on her travels. She found both on different trips to South America. I love how colorful, sweet and simply the Holy Family is depicted. Warm and inviting.

"Read me my book, momma."
It is her First 100 Words book, so really, she reads it to me. Sometimes she just wants me to get started. She loves it all day, never gets tired of it. Its nice to find an older sister to read along.

Another kitchen sink bath!
(if you've visited me before, you might have seen this before.)
Today, I had two offers to help with dinner from my two youngest. It was a simple dinner, so Lilly didn't have much to do, she decided to help rinse something off in the sink: herself.
Ceci came in prepared to help with dinner, apron and all, but helping Lilly in the sink bath was more fun.


You think over time I would learn to de-clutter alone. When my girls see something they loved go into the bag, sometimes they just have to make sure they can part with it. Lilly’s feet are growing so fast, she has lots of shoes headed out of her closet. She had to try them just to make sure they really didn't fit.  
I hate parting with the cute butterfly shoes.

round button chicken

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  1. I love your South American nativities! I collect mini nativities from other countries also. Thanks for showing those.