Monday, December 31, 2012

Life the last weekend of 2012


Outside my window...cold, dips below freezing at night, comfortably cold and gloriously sunny during the day.
I am thinking... I love it when I stop and pause and think "why does my house smell like my Aunt Bobbee Lee's?" Probably because something good is cooking in the kitchen. Bring back happy childhood memories.
I am praying daughters health after a sudden weight loss, awaiting doctor visit. Added to other intentions with 54 day rosary. Do you have any to add?
I am thankful...vacation days burned during the holidays. We are enjoying easy, lazy days with everyone home.
In the kitchen...buttermilk biscuits and hot venison sausage; BBQ lunch for a small gathering after mass.
I am creating...a recipe for BBQ sauce that's a little milder and less tangy than the last batch. Smells good.
I am host some friends for end of year fun and we are going to my sisters for more fun this week.
I am bacon can be bad for you when the smell of bacon cooking is one of the heart warming smells?!
I am reading...Spiritual Combat from the 16th century on my Ipieta app. Humbling in how far we need to separate ourselves from the world for our salvation.
"Now that you know what Christian perfection is and that, in order to attain it, you must resolve on a perpetual warfare with yourself, begin by providing yourself with four weapons without which it is impossible to gain the victory in this spiritual combat: DISTRUST OF ONE'S SELF, CONFIDENCE IN GOD, PROPER USE OF THE FACULTIES OF BODY AND MIND, AND THE DUTY OF PRAYER.
"Your prayer should be conducted in the following manner. When you see these thoughts present themselves and attempt to make an impression, recollect yourself and speak to Christ crucified saying: "Sweet Jesus, come to my rescue, that I may not fall a victim to my enemies."
A spiritual guide at my fingertips.
I am watching...Barney with Lilly .
I am listening to...Molly practicing the piano.
I am looking forward to...staying in the present for the next week; enjoy each day while everyone is home.
Around the house...starting deep clean for Epiphany blessing next week. I am so happy to have the opportunity for Father to come by and give us this special thorough blessing.
One of my favorite things...seeing the kids work together. Nick's gift from grandparents was an internal combustion engine kit. He had it built in under an hour with support.

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