Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

I watched the second episode of A Real Catholic Housewife Minor Revisions. I am a fan! It is a great, thoughtful, educational series. There is so much to learn from Jen's every day life, and what incredible friends and connections she introduces us to! And, its a boy! I am so excited for her!
I loved the conversation with Abby Johnson and will keep her call for compassion toward clinic workers present in my mind and in my prayers. They need healing too.

If you have a few hours to fill, go see these beautiful Christmas decorated houses better and more personal than a magazine layout. Just don't get intimidated, enjoy your own Christmas creations.

Right now, it is calm and quiet before busy days begin. I am really looking forward to Midnight Mass, and singing carols before. Nick is serving,  Molly singing with choir, Max will be photographer.
I will be with my sleepy ones. Wishing you peace and a wonderful celebration of ChristMass.

My boys are out of town together and I love that they still keep on contact with me. At one point it was ridiculous,  I was relaying messages from one of them to the other. I guess they miss me.

Ever get that " it doesn't feel like Christmas" comment? I don't know what we are to feel and everyone is trying to tell us what the spirit of Christmas means. I know I like to have that child like emotional response to the Christmas season with wonder, expectation and excitement.
Here are some ways to get the feeling going:
Listen to Christmas carols
Bake cookies
...And decorate them
......And eat a few
Wrap presents
Do something charitable for someone else
   donate a gift to Toys for tots
   donate a little cash to the Salvation Army
Say hello to the volunteer manning the donation box (so many walk by rudely)
Pay something forward
Let every driver in that needs a break
Give / offer Masses instead of things
Smile at everyone
Tell everyone Merry Christmas
Hold the door open for others rushing in and out of the store
Give someone a compliment
Watch or listen to the Nutcracker music
Tell someone the Christmas story
Get together with friends
Look at Christmas lights
Read first two chapters of Luke.
Drink some hot chocolate
Say thank you
Write a personal note and send on a Christmas card: think quality not quantity
Pray the third joyful mystery of the rosary with deliberate concentration

and then take a journey with St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother to Bethlehem. It didn't happen in a day and it wasn't easy, but Anne Catherine Emmerich's visions give us a personal look into those holy days. The online part of her book with the story starts here.

The Blessed Virgin prayed earnestly to God that He would not suffer her to take harm from the cold. At once she was filled with so great a warmth that she held out her hands to St. Joseph to warm his. They refreshed themselves here with fruit and little loaves of bread which they had with them, and drank water from the spring near by, mixing it with balsam which Joseph had brought with him in a little jug. Joseph spoke very comfortingly to the Blessed Virgin: he is so good, and so sorry that the journey is so difficult. When the Blessed Virgin complained of the cold, he spoke to her about the good lodging which he hoped to find for her in Bethlehem. He said he knew of a house with very good people where they would find a comfortable lodging at very little cost. It was, he said, better to pay something than to be taken in for nothing. He spoke highly of Bethlehem in general, and comforted the Blessed Virgin in every possible way. (This upset me, because I knew well that things would turn out quite differently. Even this holy man, you see, indulged in human hopes.)

I saw this on a blog from my old parish in Detroit.

"In memory of my cousin, Allison Wyatt and her nineteen little friends from Sandy Hook Elementary School." Mary Rose

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