Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Friday Quick Takes

The flu is finally leaving our house after a three week stay.
My advice to anyone who'd want it: Take lots of C - I mean daily 1000 mg an hour until bowel tolerance - daily! This is a stubborn illness.You think it's beat, then it just moves to another part of your head. Dehumidifiers a help.
I watched part of Minor Revisions last night. I thought it was laggy because my family decided to watch something on Netflix at the same time. So the audio on my phone worked for a bit, but still laggy. I tried on a laptop, and had laggy audio/video and I missed most of the conversation Jen had with her dad. But I loved the way they looked at each other! I then saw the twitter feeds, that most of America was trying to watch, which explained the lagginess! I loved what I saw, a smart reality show!
*** Aggie Catholics has it on their website without lags!!
I went ornament shopping for our family's sisters/cousins/niece in laws annual ornament exchange. Dogs, dolphins, cars, pizza slices, and balls of every color. "Here is an angel, no that's a fairy."
Goodness. Crosses were plentiful, but I was hoping to find more of a Nativity theme.
I love being a mom. But, I had a meltdown after a day of being taxi driver for various kids' classes and the kids at home not getting done things I thought they should have. So after loudly expressing my disappointments, I went on an errand by myself. The car is so big and empty when it's just me. I can listen to anything I want on the radio, it was a good decompression escape. I come home to a tidy house, my crock pot dinner mostly done and five happy faces.
That night, my little one told me later that I didn't love her. I asked why she'd say that; because I didn't take her with me on that last errand. Four and half hours of in and out of the car errands earlier weren't enough? I know, she just likes being with me. I like that, too. Sometimes, mommy needs a break, or to shop quickly without little eyes watching everything I buy!
College son has been delayed a few days returning from school. I know I was disappointed, but my girls surprised me when they found he may be delayed another day with their disappointment! Tears and some light wailing!
During one of the "commercials" during Minor Revisions, told of the idea of Evergreens used for Christmas trees were to represent Ever Lasting Life, one of the mysteries of Faith. This had never occurred to me. I think that is beautiful. Makes me a little sad  this year I chose an artificial tree after 25 years of having a live tree. Well, it is evergreen...


  1. My youngest does that to me, too, on occasion. I agree that moms need time by themselves, if only it will make them better moms. I hope you will have more of that. And thanks for sharing the connection between Christmas trees and everlasting life. I will be looking at Christmas trees much differently now.

    Have a good third Sunday of Advent :-)

    1. Ooops, what I meant was: if only BECAUSE it will make them better moms. Sorry for the mistake.