Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

round button chicken

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~ 

I love when I find pictures on my camera that my kids took of each other. 
Molly took this of Cc while she was watching her siblings play football.

Max took this of Cc when he was playing with the flash he received for his birthday.
She had to help make this one work, with the added fun of dressing up.

Euly's aunt had all kinds of plans to keep the kids happy Thanksgiving.
They were too busy to get to this, so Euly put it together once she came home.

"Mom, did you add enough milk to the batter?"
My kitchen helper. Lilly loves to help with anything in the kitchen.

This is not the lottery ticket we were hoping for...
Not the winning power ball ticket but did we dream big over the opportunity. I do not normally give into gambling throwing three dollars away, as I have a long history of not winning anything. Ever. In fact,  I'm bad luck for others. On our honeymoon, when my husband would gamble and his luck suddenly turned for the worse, he'd look up and  I was sure to be within feet of him.
But, this was a fun experiment that was worth $3. It was funny to see how we would plan on spending an unbelievable sum. My kids are quite generous with the winnings.
They all agreed we would give the money our parish needs to build our church.
One child said , quite relieved, "then I could go to medical school."
Aww, I didn't realize he had put it out of his dreams.
Another said, "We would buy lots of land, a ranch actually,  for horses chicken and sheep with our own lake."
"Buy our own island in the Bahamas."
I thought it would be very dangerous to be in charge of so much, but, with my luck, I never really worried we'd win. Now to make all their dreams come true without a large sum...

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