Wednesday, November 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes - post election reality

1. My tv/news/drudge report/ news app FAST began Wednesday morning. And I haven't been happier. As strange as it sounds, since the election has been decided I feel strangely at peace. I am not at peace with the state and direction of our nation. But I am at peace with my place in this world.
My duty is not to save this country from its own bad decisions.
My duty is to God, my husband, and the darlings I get to look at every day.
During this election cycle, heck, since the last presidential cycle, I have been nervous, stressed and a little over consumed. We have experienced our own sufferings due to the economic situation starting under Bush, seven months before that election,  then further damaged by Obama's policies, and I fear a return of those conditions. But now, I am at peace. My job, my duty, my attention is to look at God's will for me in the moment, in the small, even in the changing of diapers and the grocery shopping.

2. My focus on what my life is about has changed during this time. I am less superficial in my wants and needs. I am focused on what and how we do things. Why did it take me 25 years of marriage to finally grow up and see my calling clear as my face? I don't know. God has been patient with me. My husband has been steadfast and loyal. Thankfully, kids are resilient and loving. I am so filled with thanks in what I have in my life. I refuse to let an ounce of despair enter my thoughts or try to grip at my heart.

3. We are who we are. We are our choices. We are our actions. It doesn't matter who the president is, we need to stay focused on being true to God, true to ourselves. This is our journey. This is our test. I know for most of us in my generation, we have had it pretty easy. We have not been tested as many other generations. We sit pretty comfortablely in our lives with decision made up to now. But it all is changing. It has been changing for years. I don't know what we will end up with. It doesn't matter.
This is not our true home. This is our journey. We are travelers. We need not to let this beat us and change us and make decisions that we would regret reflecting on through eternity.
As somber and mellow as this sounds, it gives me great peace.

4. I have a friend I have looked up to since way back to the time I only had one sweet son. She had four at the time. She is an intelligent woman, educated, left career to raise her family. She is loving, tender and steadfast. Always that calm voice, soothing to her children's ears. She is what I aspire to be as a mother. I fall short many times. My kids honestly tell me my shortfalls, I am humbled, and try again, and again, and again. I love my vocation as a mother. It baffled me that she was more interested in the latest book recommendations that what was going on in the political world. She knew her job was with those boys, to nurture, and to pray. She actually was doing was she could to influence the political future by raising her sons with a steadfast faith.
I am a more nervous, hyper personality, and had always been hungry for business and political news. I guess when I retired, I missed that level of intellectual challenge. I now see the beauty, design and intelligence of filling my children's own intellectual hungers.

5. Besides nurturing them, I need to fill my kids with a strong foundation of understanding their values and fundamentals of our faith and how our country was founded to work. Many say this system of government never was to last forever. But I am sure, planting the seeds of understanding and love for the sacrifices of those gone before us (including their own family members) all hope is not lost. I spend time with my kids and listen to their questions and concerns, I marvel at their level of understanding. When I was their age... well, I wasn't thinking about politics, and systems of government, and which serves man the best form.I have great hope for the future.

6. I also have fear. My kids are sheltered from many things by not attending high schools. They do have outside classes, and college courses, but they are not faced with the reality and ugliness of the choices of many high school students. How impacted will they be when off in the world more fully? Will they become more extreme, rejecting society, or embrace it all in its excess? Only God knows. I do believe we are doing what we are supposed to be doing for now. I want to enjoy today for the gift it is.

7. I would like to encourage you, not to tempt feelings of despair and doubt over this election cycle. Jesus is King. God's will be done. He has a purpose for it all, always to bring about The Good. We just need to live our lives daily as we should, not missing a precious moment over something that is so out of our control. Small steps, small actions. Witness is still effective. Prayer is the tool we have to use. God bless you!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

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