Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Friday Quick Takes

1. My kids went lake swimming on Thanksgiving. November in Texas, you never know what to expect!
We had excitement with the oven breaking under the weight of a 28 pound turkey. we had every possible food I love so I just had enough room on my plate for a tablespoon of each. Thankful for leftovers!
2. My daughters eye allergy was at it again yesterday. A bug flew in her eye while jet skiing at 50 mph. It doesn't take much, and never the same thing, to get her eye swelling. Thankfully she has her drops to soothe and a benedryll to get the swelling down.
3. Today marks my twentieth anniversary as a mother. Happy birthday Max!!
4. My sweet mother made chocolate pie for us, after a casual comment (nameless) that it didn't seem like thanksgiving sweets were complete with out it. Boom, three beautiful pies awaited us... for breakfast! Best mom/ grandma/ mother-in- law ever!
5. I'm trying very hard to work on my health and weight. I completely understand no one really likes to hear details about it, but I am happy and proud to know I made it through two of the feast trifectas( Halloween and Thanksgiving) without gaining weight.
6. I am thankful for Marriage this holiday, especially the example set by my parents and in laws. And very thankful for our 25 years! It's not always a dance through the daisy fields, but gives so many people foundational peace. A solid marriage gives peace, comfort, and sense of "home" to so many not even directly related.
7. I found a "deal" at the library sale: vcr videos for 25 cents each. So, I splurged a dollar. Disney songs are the devil. I have a Mulan tune that keeps playing in my head all day long and even wake up at night.(that Honor to us all song).
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  1. Sing the Jeopardy theme song all the way through to get an unwanted song out of your head.