Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Counting Gifts: 2500 Gifts

2500 A well stocked library to choose great reads
2499 Hilda van Stockum for read alouds
2498 Grandparent's homemade gifts choices - tormenting my girls - funny
2497 Boys with simple needs
2496 30% off coupon
2495 Hip bones
2494 Cold morning, thick blanket, warm soft baby to snuggle
2493 Are Barney songs imprinted forever on my brain? Woke up think singing: "It's cold, Brrr! I wish I had furr. I wish I was a bear with furry furry hair! It's cold!
2492 A sleeping belly laugh
2491 Feeling God's love tonight
2490 Seeing kids work really hard for goals them set themselves
2489 Volunteers
2488 Love the clarity I feel with clean, cool, crisp air
2487 Understanding life isn't going to be easy; it's a journey towards heaven, but enjoying many blessings on the journey.
2486 My night table!
2485 Working on the Christmas list with the kids
2484 Time alone with Nick on the way to and from scouts; conversations which won't be interrupted
2483 My days open ahead so we can get school accomplished.
2482 Stretching with the kids.
2481 A Sunday School substitute.
2480 Story books sent home with Cc from Sunday School teacher, and Cc's persistence to hear them
2479 A priest that gives a sermon with substance and meaning, reaching all of us.
2478 Sore muscles
2477 Favorite show on dvr waiting for me
2476 Early morning pillow talk
2475 Popping toes and giggly kids
2474 Listening to my kids' steady heavy breathing as they sleep peacefully
2473 Being able to wake up to make sure she gets there on time
2472 Lilly wanting to be a big girl and spend the night with her sisters
2471 Lilly: "Baby, baby funny. Funny baby."
2470 Our veterans and all those who serve and sacrifice for us.
2469 Molly's newest recipe success: lasagna
2568 Finishing our walk just before the rain came
2467 Neighbors who love dogs enough to find Gromit's home
2466 Took dog for a lonnngggg walk
2465 Homemake yummy brownie ice cream cake - extra yummy
2464 Lazy Sunday afternoon nap with the windows open
2463 Football in the fall
2462 My husband's attitude: where there is a will, there is a way.
2461 Raising sons! Love the conversations and their no hold back honesty
2460 For the first things I see
2459 A text expressing gratitude from son to father.
2458 Craig's waffles to start Saturday off right
2457 No tv night bringing out creative projects and giggles
2456 Feeling more alive and mentally awake
2455 A really sweaty work out
2454 Kids ready to give me a reality check
2453 Mommy thoughts willing a bad dream to a happy ending
2452 Wii age....30! lol - kick that 17 years away
2451 Exercise taking a serious edge off insomnia hormones
2450 Don't Mess With Texas
2449 God created us to be hopeful creatures
2448 Music therapy
2447 That bluer than blue fall Texas sky
2446 Texas' mild fall temperatures
2445 Hot tiny feet snuggled against me this cold morning
2444 A clean orderly bedroom to awken in, and a clean tidy kichen to make breakfast
2443 The celebrity status that surrounds Max upon his return - sibling love
2442 Patience with a struggling scholar
2441 Cc working so hard to read against her stubborn processing issues - Lord, bless her efforts and sweet heart! (and give me patience.)
2440 13 year old son making his dad proud
2439 Optimisn of youth
2438 Support via internet of others out there
2437 Late visit with Max
2436 Outdoor nativity set - found!
2435 Father and son working together on car
2434 Three voices harmonizing to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
2433 Children to remind me to keep my speech charitable toward fellow drivers
2432 Cc: "I'm not happy. I'M SUPER HAPPY!"
2431 Old time park - love discovering new places to play
2430 Pride in her voice when she reads
2429 My kids and their love for me
2428 Thankful - three priests hearing confession, lines goes quickly
2427 Thankful for the encounter with the sweet man in the confession line
2426 Reflecting on the Book of Job
2425 Overheard form little girls: "I am sorry, do you forgive me?"
2424 God allowing us to be tested
2423 Focusing on the faces in front of me
2322 News FAST / or a fast from news
2421 Being reminded of grandmother's house - nice smells of comfort
2420 Love the way my bedroom smells with the window open all day
2419 Digging deep in my memory of high school friends - stories shared with Molly
2418 Confession night out
2417 "Y'all are going for a walk tonight?" - not missing an opportunity
2416 Trying to be upbeat and positive.
2415 Begging God's mercy for the decisions made of a little over half our country.
2414 Trying to find hope and finding it in God's path for us; trust in a future.
2413 Witnessing and older man hop out of his truck and run to the aid of two young men struggeling to push their car out of harms' way. Exciting Good Samaritan moment
2412 Saxon math telephone suverys to connect with family
2411 Foggy morning
2410 Light early - can't we just end daily light savings time for good?
2409 Did I see the scale move?
2408 Windows open and listening to the sound of heavy rain.
2407 Girl slumber party.
2406 Kids protecting Shelia from bees, she won't stop trying to eat them.
2405 Kids activities introducing me to new friends.
2404 Kids busy, mom playing taxi, a good kind of busy keeping them happy.
2403 Teaching kids how to pray - I love my class!
2402 Lilly was delighted to see me with her, "My Mom", with that little finger delightfully pointing at me.
2401 Busy and fulfilling day: including mass, errands, two bike rides, and a long walk.

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