Monday, November 5, 2012

2400 Gifts

2400 The satisfaction of finishing a good read quickly followed by the desire to find another book as good.
2399 Finding the energy to get it all done
2398 Quick bike rise before bad weather came; refreshing few raindrops on my face.
2397 CC happy to have found her glasses
2396 Adoration
2395 Praying for souls
2394 CC's 6th First Friday
2393 Improvements at local parish with new priest
2392 Middle girls go on five mile bike ride with me
2391 Girls greeting him home from business trip
2390 Spooky barn
2389 Lilly's new word and discovery of "seashells".
2388 Friends who don't care if my house is clean or messy
2387 Nick and Euly cleaned my car while Cc watched Lilly
2386 Sand dollars

2385 Treats to stressed college students
2384 Seeing joy exude from my kids
2383 A walk on the beach for refreshing attitudes
2382 Warm chubby baby to snuggle with on chilly mornings
2381 Tough call at La Kings - ice cream or candy
2380 Visit and dinner with Max and Char
2379 Texting to keep up with important week in hubby's work
2378  Giving up idealism for a pretty good reality
2377 "Read another chapter"
2376 Knowing the grass isn't always greener
2375 Getting through teenage hormones together
2374 Euly helped me clean
2373 I love listening to Cc pray her "Hail Mary's' while she prays the rosary with me
2372 Variety of Wii exercise to keep me mentally motivated
2371 Ice Cold Water and Cc's "ice cold fresh air"
2370 A fulfilling Monday
2369 Getting my corner how I want it
2368 Lilly's cheerful answer to any question
2367 All Saints party at the O'Briens
2366 Molly's Pad Thai
2365 A Secret Garden
2364 The sound of squeaky swings and children's laughter when it is cold outside
2363 FSSP priests all have the same stamp of being excellent priests
2362 Craig was missed
2361 Visiting with funny ladies after mass; a bunch of smart, witty, comedians
2360 "Here is my mom."
2359 Hay rides in the fall
2358 Being reminded of all the reasons I picked him
2357 party in the country
2356 "Is Christ the King of your heart?"
2355 Wii age has me three years younger
2354 Her little hand in mine
2353 Finding the right kind of paint
2352 Sacrament of Confession
2351 Finally growing up
2350 Hubby getting into home imp projects with me
2349 New red bathroom

2348 So thankful I am able to spend my day with my sweet kids
2347 What are you doing" "Exercising." " Ex er siin?" another new word
2346 Nick having fun with spooky barn
2345 visit w Traci
2344 claiming this house after 6 years
2343 making new friends at m-i-l home
2342 Car took us to Austin and back safely
2341 sweet indulgence - eclair
2340 preparing and planning little girls tea party
2339 my very generous parents
2338 anniversary night stands - "Papa is like a superhero"
2337 trip to Austin with no other agenda except to visit
2336 Romney: "We want a peaceful planet." yes, we do
2335 seeing beauty in falling leaves
2334 5 mile ride by myself - back recharged
2333 voting date
2332 flat tire - hubby fixed - what a sweetie
2331 tea party politics
2330 clean house searching for lost item - silver lining
2329 kids not wanting to come inside
2328 kisses from Lilly to make my boo boo better
2327 bike fixed - and first ride around the loop - feeling great
2326 bike ride garage sale shopping with Euly
2325 giggly kids sharing crushes
2324 inspired by strong women
2323 comedic Romney - made me laugh out loud
2322 new iron
2321 no mess no stress - Euly
2320 Kids getting to go to teen night, girls hanging out at neighbor, Lilly napping - not a date night - but time together is always nice
2319 Just like riding a bike, not exactly easy, but not easy. I did remember.
2318 Sweet hubby refreshed my bike with new tires
2317 Euly's funny outlook on the world and dealing with it.
2316 Learning from the Ancient Greeks
2315 "How many days til Halloween?"
2314 Girls hugging each other 'good morning'
2313 "Lilly, let's read." "O-tay mommy."
2312 Bath time reset
2311 Time at parks to unwind
2310 Molly committing to a tough schedule because it is the right thing to do.
2309 Sonic care enthusiasm for brushing teeth
2308 Spending time at the best playground ever
2307 E Nesbit read alouds
2306 Glad she can tell me, "My tumny hurts."
2305 That the Toyota served me well for the week the form was in the shop - waiting to die until after ford repaired
2304 Lol: "Dark, I hate you."
2303 Political debates
2302 Praying for all college board test takers
2301 Dropping Molly off for PSAT at high school - love to hear her ppl watching comments

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