Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thoughts after a Political Tea Party

We voted! Monday, my husband and I were not the first at the polling location around 9 a.m. and it was a busy stream of voters in and out. From what I heard later, it was the busiest first day of early voting on record. 

Uncle Sam
We took the family to the Woodlands Tea Party Rally Sunday afternoon. It was not well attended, the least I've seen. But the PAC put on a great rally with incredible speakers. I was most impressed with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. What a warrior for the state of Texas. He say he has sued Obama 23 times on the behalf of Texas. (he won the Ten Commandment case, recently the cheerleader scripture case and sis forefront of fight against obamacare). He said his days are easy to describe: He gets up, he sues Obama, he come home. 

Greg Abbott
I do not understand how people take snippets from the media to make their decisions and form their opinions of groups, especially the Tea Party. We shouldn't take someone's, especially someone biased, opinion on what matters to us as Americans. That is the beauty of our country - everyone can have a voice and make a difference. 

Years ago, I went to the first Tea Party Rally in the Woodlands, soon after Obama's election, and his assault began of pushing through stimulus and seeing his then goals on taking over heath care. The insults that go out against "Tea Party" members are inaccurate. Well, from the people around me at the rallies, they are just every day people who are sick of not liking what direction our country has turned. To put one label on such a mixed group of citizens is silly. These are Americans. These are your neighbors, just the ones who want to get off the couch and stop yelling at the tv and find out what else they can do to influence their future and their children's futures. They want to find ways to stop feeling helpless about their futures and dread about what future we are leaving to our children.

I was watching the third debate and a woman interviewed afterwards said Romney was a businessman and should stay in the private sector. It is complete ignorance and missed opportunity to not use all of Americans' skills in helping to rebuild our country. Why is the attack so strong against people who want America to be what the founders envision? Socialism doesn't work. My young children understand the distinction! More people need to wake up and realize this experiment that is America works when we all participate, share and move in the direction that helps the future America as well as the present day America.

Random pithy comments I found amusing or noteworthy form the other speakers:

"There is a term for Obama...
But not a second."

"Help Obama get a private sector job for first time in his life."

"Vote your morals."

"Remember Reagan's approach to foreign policy:
Peace through strength."

A moment of silence and added prayers for our soldiers and veterans whose sacrifice makes it so we can enjoy the freedoms to come and go as we wish.

"We sleep safe in out beds because brave men are ready to face rough men who mean to do us harm."

Richard "Mach" Machowicz, Navy Seal & local radio host's motto:
"Not dead...
Can't quit."

on a t-shirt
"O. M. G.
Obama Must Go"

"Black republicans are as rare as unicorns."
from a very impressive R.W. Bray for Houston's District 6
(why? there are no provisions in the the RNC platform that are anti black, or anti anyone)

I found this on another blog, and thought it was well worth watching and sharing for all Christians. 

two more weeks to save "America"- make it count!

Please God, 
Continue to Bless America.
Saint Marianne Cope, pray for us.
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, pray for us.

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