Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Beach visit
We have been missing my oldest son and thought we'd run down and take him to dinner. We arrived early, and had time to soak in the sun at the beach. The weather was glorious! The wind was so light and pleasant; we could have stayed all day.
{happy} the top!

Cc was so happy, she couldn't stop dancing

Oh, if we could live right here...

Oh, she's not crying.
She is just very grossed out that her toes are actually touching wet icky sticky sand.

She was happy again the next moment with pant legs rolled up and off to chase seagulls she couldn't believe she couldn't catch

I love this one - completely off the ground

Thanksgiving is still a few tests and big projects away followed by finals.
It's hard to tell a seriously studious student to take time to smell the flowers and soak in the sun. But I know the visit was good for him; who wouldn't love having their two year old sister adore him all day? 
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  1. Beautiful beach pics! I'm hoping we can have a fall beach outing before it's too cold!