Thursday, October 11, 2012

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round button chicken
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On an outing we passed random hay bales in a field. When we drove back by later in the day, the bales were all grouped in neat groups together. We laughed at the moving hay bales, because we didn't see any farmers or equipment on either pass by.

Molly decided to make dinner for us...

She can cook and not miss a beat with her phone.
I am very happy to have an adventurous daughter to help feed my family.

mahi-mahi, wild rice, corn and a salad with homemade raspberry sorbet she made with fresh raspberries.

so smooth - she pureed the raspberries and had to double strain to remove any hint of seeds. just leaving all the wonderful raspberry essence.
Euly thought she'd make a car for her sisters to play in out of an old packing box.
Then she decided to paint it, and as it always seems to happen at my house, the paint gets on more that the object to be painted.

We are still removing dead trees from last year's drought.
We had a crew come and take a few dead ones and clean limbs up in the yard. It's frightening to look up and see a threat to the kids playing in safety. 
These guys are amazing with their spikes on the boots, and a chainsaw on their belts. 

This grove of dead pecan trees just breaks my heart when I pass it. A skeletal reminder of more damage from the drought. But, strange scene with the trees floating in a green sea of over grown weeds, since this year we have have abundant rain.


  1. That raspberry sorbet looks wonderful! How did it taste?

    1. Very good! It was more raspberry flavor than fresh raspberries.