Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Friday Quick Takes

I admit, I have become lazy about quick takes. I had a post all ready - completed last night - with 7 shares of pithy youtubes, prolife quips and the like. My daughter peeked over my shoulder and said, wow mom, you are hitting everything hard. So, I decided to try again, no youtubes, no photos, no memes to share, just my quick takes this Friday morning.
I am up early because I wanted to go to St. M for First Friday mass, but Ceci asked if she could have another hour to sleep, going to St. A at 9. I now have time to free my thoughts.
This is Ceci's #5. When she completes the devotion,I told her we could have a celebratory tea party for her friends and share the devotion. If we don't get off tract, tea should be in February, just before Lent. We usually do get side tracked. None of my others made nine straight through the first attempt. The devil does not like a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and throws up small distractions as simple as being lazy and sleeping in, to encouraging quibbles and other attempts to keep us from a Friday morning mass. Anyone else have this trouble?
I changed the blog settings to include comments from anyone. So if you want to leave a comment -Please do! You don't have to be a blogger, or a google registered user. I regret that took me so long to figure out.
I am still feeling happy about the debate. I enjoyed the country's surprised, yet encouraged reaction to seeing a conservative address the country with competency on what should be done with America (without the biased media filter). Romney debated with knowledge, compassion and courtesy.  How did we get here? A president who prefers socialistic leanings and seems to not "get" what makes America great? As a culture, how did we end up ignoring Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness, without appreciating the gift Life! So many hot topics, so many simple answers. I do have hope there will be a change...
In honor of October dedicated as the Month of the Holy Rosary, I ordered a set to make 100 rosary beads. My mother-in-law gives rosaries away at her assisted living home, and kids like to share. I want the "middle kids" to have a chance at sharing rosaries they make. My older kids did this several times, and the supply they made in running low.
I have cabin fever, but not thinking of flying anywhere right now. Craig has been traveling most weeks lately and comes home with tales of ridiculous rude behavior in route. He has learned long ago a pleasant attitude makes everything run smoother. If you complain about the wait and delay in security line, you will be detained (no free speech in the airport.) I'm not surprised of the tales of other passengers' bad behavior, but lately it's been the stewardess ugly comments, bad attitudes, and bullying remarks. I guess dealing with rude stressed people all day makes them unhappy, and the new security doesn't make anyone less stressed. It would be a hard choice to take that job.
Have a great weekend!

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