Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Friday Quick Takes

My two year old is talking more and more. She is in the vocabulary acquisition stage, which I love. We have to repeat everything we say for her. It is a good (or bad) reflection of how we talk and what we say in this house. Apparently we say "Oh goshhhh" quite a bit. I guess we should quit that. I know my husband doesn't look forward to the "why" stage, but I am so excited to have her express herself and inquire about the world Ask away, sweetie.
In an effort to be a "good", "well rounded" Catholic mother, we are planning on attending an All Saint Party, and visit with neighbor / trick or treating and a Dante's theme All Hallow's Eve with Inferno scary barn, Purgatorio with a rosary stop before we celebrate Paradiso. Not all the same day, but very close together.
Outfits planned for Halloween - Trick or Treating

still working on saint ideas- definitely have a Saint Kateri and Saint Cecilia planned. and maybe a Blessed Mother.
I have been in different places in regards to Halloween since I have had children. When I was a young, we trick or treated, we went to mass on All Saints Day and All Souls Day. There wasn't an issue. We usually had pretty bland characters as costumes. I remember being a pumpkin one year when I started getting the "aren't you getting old for this?" question. Too old for candy? I thought not.
With my own children, how we celebrated the day mostly depended on where we lived. In rural Alabama we went to some of the Protestant churches' family fun nights with games and activities and candy. That went fine. A year in an apartment in Texas, very pregnant, we just ignored the day. In rural Georgia, one Halloween we played a geography game where candy was the prize when they knew their states and capitals. Michigan brought out all the neighbors in the best social evening of the year going up and down the tree lined streets with every neighbor participating. Our current neighborhood, the homes are spread out, so most plant themselves at their driveways at the street, some grouped with other neighbors. The kids barely have to get out a "hello" or a "trick of treat" before these happy people are offering them piles of candy. We limit the time and places we stop, because it is just too much candy. The older neighbors seem to really enjoy seeing the children dressed up and it is a festive happy opportunity to socialize with an otherwise very quiet neighborhood.
But I wasn't just talking about where and how, but the philosophical outlook on Halloween. Is it Catholic? Can the kids understand the feast days if they are focused on candy? I restrained from celebrating many times, on and off over the years. But where I am now, I believe the night before can be a fun festivity, reclaimed to be a Catholic feast, with the week's focus on Saints; the whole month of November's focus on poor souls in purgatory.
We pray at cemeteries for the souls that have gone before us the first eight days of November for indulgences for those souls. What a little thing to do of our time to help many on to heaven!

Since I already voted, I am trying to not obsess about the election. I know I am obsessing when I already have heard the headlines mentioned on Fox, or displaced on Drudge. I do make time to listen to some of Rush, but have tried to keep tv off politics as much as possible. I can't fast forward ahead to November 7, so I need to keep my mind busy with other topics and pray.
Over six years in this house, and I haven't yet "claimed"  a room, by painting with a bold paint color choice. I am changing that this weekend. I bought some beautiful red paint, and can't wait to get it on the wall.

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