Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Counting Gifts: 2300 Gifts

2300 Spare vehicle to use when mine is in the shop
2299 Days dedicated to the study of science and a little time for friends
2298 Train ride around the zoo
2297 Relief of releasing unshed tears
2296 Kids being treasured and respected by their employers giving much hope for their future.
2295 Sisters standing up together
2294 Reading picture books on the back porch
2293 Diet jump start
2292 Pistachios snack
2291 New day to get in track for learning
2290 Immediate progress - old school way
2289 Wii six week challenge
2288 Sermon on hope and its opposites: materialism, despair, gluttony
2287 Family adventure to eradicate copperhead
2286 Seeing Max and Lilly interact and being so happy to be together
2285 Nick having a buddy
2284 Hot dog lunch birthday party
2283 Ice cream birthday cake

2282 Reshaping budgets to make a little girl very happy
2281 Finding the bike Euly wanted for her birthday
2280 Lilly being Max's fan girl
2279 My mom's 74th birthday
2278 Family on same political page
2277 Seeing daughter fight the gloomy mood of being overwhelmed
2276 Girls happily playing playmobil together
2275 Craig home a day early
2274 Reading great books on my phone
2273 Having a little girl that wants to tag along with mommy
2272 Help around the house
2271 Dreaming of the shower rebuild project
2270 Crazy girls getting carried away painting - even each other

2269 Enough wood for a big bonfire
2268 More babysitting jobs for Molly
2267 Nick excited about what he read and excited to share it with me
2266 Egg bacon pico taco
2265 Baby pumpkins
2264 Opportunity knocking at my husband's door
2263 No drama friendships
2262 Pumpkin farm with friends
2261 Friendships growing
2260 Kids understanding and reenacting business models and economics
2259 Ceci sleeping so peacefully
2258 Crazy tree cutters to keep hubby safe from that job
2257 Car started
2256 Making up after a fight
2255 Growth spurts
2254 Errand with Molly just to take pictures
2253 Happy day
2252 Freedom from stress that comes from making the right decision
2251 Older sister wanting to play tooth fairy for younger sister
2250 My husbands dedication to his kids; daily reminders that I picked a good one
2249 Reminders to live a better life
2248 Listening to my kids discuss Father's sermon and discuss how we are to make the changes he recommends.
2247 Baby sitting duty
2246 Singing Immaculate Mary very loud
2245 Feast of the Most Holy Rosary
2244 New cowboy boots
2243 Fall temperatures coming tonight
2242 My entrepreneur daughter trading fairies she made for treats with the ice cream lady
2241 Daughter being open minded to her future
2240 Watching a joyful people celebrating their culture & heritage
2239 Christian brothers and sisters in Christ - so close
2238 Praying for each other
2237 Scarves with dangling clanking coins
2236 Like a catholic eagle badge
2235 Studying Greece with field trip to fest and trying food, seeing dances of Greece
2234 Night out on the town with my girls
2233 Faced paced playlist for speed walking
2232 Nuns
2231 Saint Francis and the beautiful haven of Assisi
2230 My kids interested in the political process
2229 Voter enthusiasm
2228 Tooth fairy, better late than never
2227 Monster pronounced " founster"
2226 Belly button examination
2225 Lilly's comforting back pats
2224 Amazed at how gratitude turns fear and worry into comfort and joy
2223 Yellow colors of fall every where along path home
2222 A day to recover from illness - and praying that it is enough
2221 Sweet smell of a little one's head
2220 Lilly choosing to hang out with me
2219 Something in the mail other than impersonal bills and junk
2218 Teaching little people about Moses and his story
2217 Strawberry banana smoothies and makings for more
2216 OTC meds to help the cough
2215 Playing football with Nick
2214 Glorious weather
2213 Freedom to speak one's mind
2212 RIGHT to LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of Happiness
2211 God's blessing more than I could have dreamed
2210 Having sweet girls who stick by each other
2209 Hearing Euly's pretty singing voice
2208 "well, my toes dont' hurt;pi" counting blessing where that are
2207 Holding Lilly to comfort me and to comfort her
2206 A hard 24 hours straight
2205 Being able to take a teacher sick day
2204 Finding Upstairs/ Downstairs on my DVR
2203 Hearing " I wove you, you wove me, we are happy!"
2202 the sounds of math
2201 Chilled air that came in when Craig left for work

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