Friday, September 14, 2012

Science: Anatomy of a Cell

It's okay - it is for science.
What's a sure way to get this kids' attention and get them excited to be involved in a science project? - Have them see you buy lots of candy. Okay, that was the unnecessary part of this experiment. I am pretty sure my kids would have loved it if we used Lego's and other toys to build a cell.
But, for fun, we choose candy for the different organelles in a cell. Euly had the task to add the organelles to the Lemon Jello. ( note for next time: clear would work fine)

Lemon & Unflavored Jello
Nucleus - large gumball
Mitochondria - peanut M&M
Lysosomes - Skittles
Golgi Bodies - Jolly Ranchers
Endoplasmic reticulum - Air Head
ER with ribosomes - Air Heard with Nerds
Centrioles - Twizzlers
I never make good Jello, I think I must rush the process on some step, so this cell leaked a bit. I did not get a picture of Lilly sampling the parts of the cell once our study was complete.

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