Friday, September 7, 2012

Quick Takes Friday

7 Friday Quick Takes 
thoughts on life, death, happiness, sadness: 
all over the place this Friday.

1. Happy to wrap up business in Austin, happy my kids were able to spend some time with their cousins, hang out and swim with my parents, and have a nice visit with my M-I-L.

Hey DD!!!
Nice visit - Too bad a little seven year old thought she's be a bit silly.
 2. Okay - this post made me laugh out loud.
Potty humor - gets me every time. Maybe someday I'll not have one in diapers around here and I'll think such comics are crude.

3. A good list of help and being there for someone who is dying. Read the post for specifics.

Someone needs to read this today, and I'll save for future reminders

4. It's a First Friday- just in time start a refreshed devotion to the most sacred heart of Jesus. Cc's fourth...

5. The DNC says government is the only thing we all belong to.
I don't belong to the government, my kids do not belong to the government.
"WE own this county!" -  not the other way around!
I'm one who believes we all belong to God, but obvious the DNC doesn't agree since they boo'd God at the convention.

6. Yesterday I heard a great interview on NPR's Fresh Air with Martin Bayne, a man in his 50's who lives in an assisted living home with early onset Parkinson's. He blogs here  and the interview is here. He is an observer advocate for the ambient despair in assisted living communities fighting the misconceptions of the party life of retirement centers, advising family how to help loved ones and offering comfort to those lucky to live in his home in his unique way.

7. This is how it is around here - going on twenty years. My sweet husband is always the recipient of the Roundhouse kick, and the cross bar for the H - he usually gets the feet aimed his direction. We haven't had "I'm not speaking.." or "Donkey King", but just had The Stalker last night. Creepy.
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