Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Quick Takes

Lest we never forget - a different view

I just finished reading a funny book called Bab: Sub-Deb.
Free download on amazon. I laughed out loud a few times! This review says what I would have.
I liked it so much, I downloaded Rinehart's Dangerous Days (still reading) not funny, more serious like watching a train wreck in days/ years building up to WWI, but interesting enough to see which lives end up wrecked or hopefully saved.

Interesting video. Max has been wanting to get a GoPro.
Such a nice seagull to drop camera on their pier instead of the water.

Education problem today is....
People don't let their kids think education - learning - having intelligence is cool.
We run too much on emotion, not actual thinking about what we do, and that has been passed on by society to our children and our educational  institutions.

I saw an ad for something - maybe computer program, that said
"So fun, your kids won't realize they are learning."  !!!
God forbid we actually want out kids to learn anything, or have us think that leaning is a worthwhile endeavour.

Gosh, why are our schools failing? If they have to work so hard to make learning "fun", but really say the idea of learning is something to endure?? How about we package it differently?! Make it cool to be smart for a change.

Speaking about missed educational opportunities...
Does anyone else have a pet peeve about the use of "I" in the objective case?
"for Jim and I..."
"It was a gift for I.""
doesn't it get on your nerves?

Okay, no, it should be ME. Me is in the objective case; I in nominative.
Or as my high school daughter's community college English teacher said:
"Normally I is used at the beginning of the sentence, and me is at the end."
Pathetic.... and not correct, but she was desperate to get these young adults to use I correctly.
Someone should have told those kids diagramming was cool.



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