Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Thoughts


Outside my window...sunny, warm, hints of fall in the air.

I am thinking...We must get Obama and people who think he way about life out of office! Months ago I wrote a post about HEK -using HUMAN embryonic stems cells to use for flavor enhancements in various products, including Pepsi Co. Well, now the Obama administration has approved of this practice and agreed its normal operating practices of Pepsi. No outrage, nothing, just normal every day life to use human remains to help enhance the flavorings of our food. Where are their souls, their consciouses, their sense of absurdity?! Please, wake up America! 

I am praying aunt Gayle & my uncle Ky, both with health complications, a little girl's adoption to go through so she can start the rest of her life, comfort to parent's who have lost children, a new God respecting/ American loving president, and all our leaders, funds for our parish to grow and blessing fr a new year. 

I am thankful...that my world includes children. Children have such joy and innocence, it is a calming joy to be in their presence. Today while cleaning up the garden, Euly was helping me clean out dead vines. She's say a eulogy of thank for the cucumbers that the plant gave us, or hope for the next years crop. While at this task, I listen to Ceci and Lilly singing variation of Barney's I love You song over and over again with their voices screaming singing to the world "I love you!" Just happiness with these girls.

In the kitchen...venison roast with potatoes, onion, con bread. Everyone liked it, I suddenly had an aversion to meat.

I am photo some of the progress at the church property with the backhoe showed up Friday night. 

I am wondering...if putting a watermark on my pictures would really stop anyone who might want to download and use. Wouldn't they just crop off the watermark? I don't know of any reason anyone would want to use my pictures, but I go through a panic about being out there on the worldwide web, and putting my children out there too. I do this blog for me, and for my kids to look at and enjoy memories, or if any family would like a peak into our world. 
I guess what I am using is more of a tagline than watermark. I'd rather not ruin the image completely.

I am reading...I finished reading the Hunger Games series. I liked it, Katniss became a real person to me. I need more suggestions for books like this series. I am happy it is popular with younger people out there - compared to Twilight series. I didn't like the hinting of addiction to pain meds, but probably goes over little people's heads. We are still into The Iliad. I stared reading Smart Martha's Catholic Guide fro Busy Moms. I bought it last year, but only skimmed it. I guess I'm now in a place to have someone remind me to declutter and why.

I am listening to...Molly's hipster selections. Euly and Ceci are currently requesting "Somebody I used to know".

I am looking forward to...seeing the smiles on my girls' faces and the little girls that get these fairies. Euly has been crazy making little fairies lately and made these two for two special little girls we see on Sundays.

I am pondering...the appeal of Barney.

My two year old is obsessed with Barney. I blame myself; one day she was fussy, I wanted to have her distracted and quiet, and I found Barney on youtube. Whole episodes, to one minute songs. Then some resourceful sibling thought, the dvr on the satellite thing probably has Barney playing sometime, so suddenly we have more than enough Barney's to watch.

Now, ideally, I wouldn't have my  children watch any tv, especially not at age two. But, reality happens, and due to some moment that I really needed her distracted and occupied while I took care of a meeting or phone call that just had t be done, here we are

Now, there are many things worse for her to be hooked on, than Barney. But it does make a mom wonder, what is it about Barney that has occupied kids for over twenty years. Yes, my oldest was once hooked on Barney, a few of the others in between were to, but I honestly can't remember who. I think he is new to Ceci, maybe even Euly.

What is it about Barney? Big, colorful, strange looking dinosaur jumping around happily singing with ridiculously happy children who seem a bit too old for imaginary friends thrilled to play any games, and sing any silly song with him.

There is lots of movement and happy songs, no down time.

A favorite quote for honor that we had three Missionaries of Charity,  nuns of Mother Teresa's order visit our parish for mass today.

"We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. 

But if the drop were not there,
the ocean would be missing something."

One of my favorite things...reclaiming the schoolroom now that Max has gone back to college with all his stuff. We have a spot for everyone and their work. I just need to add a little more lighting...

A few plans for the rest of the week...
Mass, Sunday School meeting, Nick's Class, Scouts, Molly's first community college class begins, math, violin. Craig will be in Galveston, for business and I would love to ride down to say hello to Max. I know, "Cut those apron strings, already, mom." But, no{with a whimper & a whine}, I don't want to! Time will do it for me soon enough. 

A peek into my day...

Part of the church property - so peaceful!

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