Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Musings


Outside my window...overcast, then sunny, then rainy, light breeze, pretty good for an August day.

I am thinking...I am not a fan of the ants in my garden. They led a surprise ambush on my hand, and left me quite changed. Thankfully, it's temporary.
I think it's a new foreign kind of ant. I've never had this reaction before, and it doesn't itch.
if I didn't know FOR SURE it was ANTS - I'd be concerned/grossed..
I am reading... Hunger Games series, after being hooked by the movie.

I am thankful...that we made it though this day of lost wallets, witnessing tragic accidents, allergic reactions to eyes, car wrecks on all sides, and we made it though it safe and sound.

In the kitchen...biscuit & sausage for breakfast, BLT for lunch, pork & beans for dinner.

I am move my oldest back to college. I am afraid I will have to readjust all over again. I hope there aren't sobbing tears this time, but I will miss having him around.

I am working on...meal planning ideas. I have been looking through my cookbooks, sites like pioneer woman, any good ideas for inspiration for family meals?

I am looking forward to...
spending time helping Max get settled in his new dorm. It helps me picture how he'll be spending the next school year.

we beat the roommate there

Euly helping hang all his shirts

We weren't done setting up his room, but we were shooed away for lunch and for Max to finish himself.

This new dorm - is incredible. Nice new study nook.

Check out the view from this secluded study area.

A media room??! I hope it's not all too distracting to study.

social areas - too cool. This is such a huge upgrade from last year. 

smells like fresh paint!

We hope it's not too nice - so he may come home and visit some during the semester. The girls are already to go back and visit next week!

A favorite quote for today...
 Jerzy Bielecki: (regarding St. Maximilian Kolbe's sacrifice)
"It was an enormous shock to the whole camp. We became aware someone among
us in this spiritual dark night of the soul was raising the standard of love on high. 
Someone unknown, like everyone else, tortured and bereft of name and social standing, went to
a horrible death for the sake of someone not even related to him. Therefore
it is not true, we cried, that humanity is cast down and trampled in the
mud, overcome by oppressors, and overwhelmed by hopelessness. Thousands of
prisoners were convinced the true world continued to exist and that our
torturers would not be able to destroy it. More than one individual began to
look within himself for this real world, found it, and shared it with his
camp companion, strengthening both in this encounter with evil. To say that
Father Kolbe died for one of us or for that person's family is too great a
simplification. His death was the salvation of thousands. And on this, I
would say, rests the greatness of that death. That's how we felt about it.
And as long as we live, we who were at Auschwitz will bow our heads in
memory of it as at that time we bowed our heads before the bunker of death
by starvation. That was a shock full of optimism, regenerating and giving
strength; we were stunned by his act, which became for us a mighty explosion
of light in the dark camp night."

One of my favorite things...
Lilly's crazy expressions. She is becoming her own person, and being a naturally cheerful person, plays with silly faces to entertain her family....
...and herself.
especially fun to find pics on my phone
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday's tea, Scouts start back, piano, Molly's math starts, a visit with old friends, planning a surprise visit.

A peek into my day...
discovering herself in the mirror

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