Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Friday Quick Takes

It has been a good week.
First week of school - new dining at home - only -  routine - budget in full force - total success! Which is a good sign for me; if I can make it past the first week or so, a new habit will usually stick.
Quicken helps - I just map out what I expect to spend, rounding up a little in each category, so when the week is over and the "actual" spent comes in lower - that's more saved than I expected.
So we had a little extra in the budget for an ice cream treat after Wednesday's Mass for the Assumption.
I like this control. It's just easy to say, "No, we aren't going to the store, it's not in the budget." I don't know how that word carries such authority, but it works. Maybe the kids are caught by surprise and just don't have a good counter proposition yet. Anybody else think their kids are born salesmen?
The meal planning hasn't been more than - "Hey, what do you want for dinner?" Different kids shout out preference, I add ingredients to list, and wall-la - dinner is easy. My hardest part has been thinking of what to make and trying to get over being intimidated at my final product.
Ceci wanted "salad and steak" - easy, non specific, added wild rice and green beans - wonderful.
Max wanted a different patty melt ( I tried pioneer woman's) and added Molly's mashed potatoes - great.
Molly had so many extra mashed potatoes (since the potatoes were getting older - why not make them all?) so the next night she made a great shepherd's pie. Thankful for the hidden pack of frozen pies in the back of the freezer to pull it together. Another night, I was looking in the freezer and saw chicken & venison sausage, and almost threw in the towel and ordered pizza, but I thought of jambalaya - turned out great! I'm new to this planning- which is sad since I've been married for 25 year - but there it is.
The key is to have enough staples that go in many dishes stocked in up the pantry and freezer, it makes meal times prep a breeze. Which is what I need after homeschooling/ laundry/cleaning/ preparing son's items for college/ running kids around town for music lessons/ laundry/...
Friday....Recommitting to GO MEATLESS again. We are embracing meatless Fridays again in honor of our Lord's Passion.  We have been on and off - substituting other sacrifices, but then sometimes that wasn't consistent. It's just easier and a better teaching tool and example - to go meatless on Fridays. Tuna salad lunch here we come.
Homeschooling has started easier than I expected. Kids have been motivated! Molly is already on lesson 7 of her Advanced Math, which the class doesn't begin until next week. We finished book 4 (of 24) of The Iliad - wondering if I should pause to review some of the Greek gods for clarity. We are enjoying the poetry of Homer's words. I have had to edit a little of the PG13 content for the many listeners in the room, but over all good progress for the first week. I'll take it.

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