Saturday, August 25, 2012

1900 Blessings & counting

1900 So thankful that my kids are home safe, and tucked in bed
1899 Driving at night with the sunroof open, music playing and the baby sleeping.
1898 Realizing how free it feels not to be stressed by basic
1897 Catholic teen group started up again
1896 Hubby stopping by grocery after his long day for me
1895 Backhoe to get things MOVING - visible progress
1894 A different kind of charitable contribution
1893 Trust - and leaving it there
1892 God's Will and praying that my will is united to His.
1891 Ice cream treat for little ones who were left out of the party.
1890 A big round chair to make the kids silly happy
1889 Listening to orchestra practice, excited to hear how good they sound together.
1888 Craig & Father working on property together on a Friday night
1887 Neighborhood kids at our house running our kids crazy with flashlight tag
1886 I love seeing God's help working in the little things
1885 My new randomly picked hair dresser telling me I was gorgeous
1884 Hair total transformation
1883 Trying to identify bird calls with Ceci (her impression and descriptions are great!)
1882 Getting rid of a burden passed to me two years ago- closing that chapter.
1881 Molly Kay, dressed in grey
1880 Silly songs you make up about your children
1879 Lilly, Lilly, Lilliana Rose, don't you love your mommy?
1878 Eulalia in the sunshine, Eulalia in the rain
1877 Cecilia Marie, Cecilia Marie, the sweetest, prettiest, little girl that you ever did see.
1876 Hunger Games - good fast enjoyable read
1875 "pop-U": Lilly's request for a popsicle
1874 Giggly girls swimming in the rain
1873 Talk with piano teacher to re focus my attention on Euly
1872 A "cool" August day. Is fall very close?
1871 "Hey, what are you doing here?" : Lilly's new phrase
1870 People who still believe in freedom
1869 Relaxed evening watching movie at home with family
1868 Chocolate shake
1867 Craig and Molly sharing their love of music
1866 That Goodbyes do get easier
1865 Seeing Max soooo happy
1864 Getting Lilly happy in her car seat - on minute at a time
1863Shrimp po-boys
1862 To move Max in to his super upgrade dorm, and see his roommates so happy he's back
1861 St. Anthony delivering Max's wallet "somewhere obvious" just like I asked
1860 Desire to evangelize "without God's grace, we will fall on our face- which sad to have witnessed this morning.
1859 For emergency personnel & all they have to deal with, especially unspeakable, unimaginable accidents
1858 Favorite line from song from Hall of Fame:
"You could go the distance
You could run the mile
You could walk straight through hell with a smile"
1857 Life!
1856 Being able to make a big hearty breakfast for my guys before they spend the day at the church property
1855 Lilly discovering mirror image Lilly - I love how she says her own name (like it's her favorite name!)
1854 Knowing this too shall pass - stupid ants
1853 Lilly wanting to comfort others
1852 Molly baking for friends
1851 Sting stop
1850 Kendra's chair for dorm just in time
1849 "Be calm and just don't think about it. If anyone shakes you, just punch him." advice from 7 year old about stressful meeting.
1848 Ceci's wise advice
1847 Euly's constant planning
1846 Inspiration
1845 Not giving in to temptations against meal plan budget
1844 Jambalaya success, kids' like my version
1843 Molly's shepherd pie leftovers for lunch, makes everyone happy
1842 Good school day
1841 Tea tree oil
1840 Baskin Robbins stop after mass
1839 Tough day with cranky girl ; finally ended listening to her deep breathing
1838 Girls with French braids
1837 Volunteering for Sunday school - opportunity to share
1836 The rosary prayed in Latin before mass
1835 Playing with photo enhancement apps
 after fooling around with filters and enhancements - the final result only looks cropped.

1834 26 bi-weeks instead of 24
1833 Georgia O"Keefe

1832 Hubby arranging the lull in his travel schedule to come home and see me
1831 House filled with yummy breakfast smells, lofting to awaken sleepyheads
1830 School being done throughout the day
1829 Enduring the mosquito's to enjoy a visit in the backyard under the stars ("last Tuesday")
1828 Curious minds and active imaginations
1827 Everyone excited about evening meals at round table
1826 Scary bad dream to realize the extra blessing I don't usually think about
1825 Loving my kids individually
1824 Listening to sisters whisper their plans for morning in the dark before sleep
1823 "I like this new non-working mama."
1822 An afternoon nap with Lilly & seeing her face see me right when she first reopened her eyes (look of relief!)
1821 Angelic sleeping face
1820 Serious photography lessons from Max - seeing improvements
1819 Fall isn't far off
1818 Feeling strong - Deo gratias!
1817 "Mom, it's the last Monday for a long time" - starting the countdown
1816 Restaurant style dinner in the dining room.
1815 Checking off my checklist
1814 A well lived day
1813 Planning Marian songs for procession - fulfilling feeling of singing Immaculate Mary and hearing Lilly chime in on "Ave, ave, ave Marrrrrrria."
1812 Completing novenas
1811 Seeing Nick nearing LIFE rank - almost there...
1810 Euly's big big big heart - full of love for all
1809 Euly's pasta angels to raise money for church
1808 Baby's snuggles  feeling wrapped up in God's love
1807 Baby = 100% Love = 100% Joy
1806 Baby smiles - joy exuding from her pores
1805 Baby skin - soft as heavenly clouds
1804 Soooo thankful for our church celebrating the Tradition Latin Mass!! The reverence & purpose - mass of the saints!
1803 Happy hugs
1802 Quiet hours of night to organize goals
1801 The loud crash in the night wasn't Euly falling off the bed.

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