Sunday, August 12, 2012

1800 & counting...

1800 Little girls twirling to the music with lots of room to be free
1799 Friends that walked before us in faith
1798 Intercession of the saints
1797 God's help with college funding
1796 House full of sleeping family - happily dreaming - the peaceful sounds of snores.
1795 Being completely honest
1794 Discussing college plans with Teresa, Char & Max
1793 Olympic success to inspire patriotism
1792 Olympic stories to inspire the heart and imagination
1791 Having to grow up, take it on and just DO IT and then get beyond it.
1790 An evening walk to make up with, reconnect with daughter after stressful exchange
1789 Smells on a summer evening walk
1788 Renewal - gift of God's design - with every day's sunrise
1787 Catholic pro-life VP pic - pro family ticket!!
1786 Budgeting financial control
1785 Craig making the best of his travels
1784 Knowing that worrying is silly.
1783 Heart full of hope
1782 Early morning prep for Nick's merit badge day
1781 Pancakes, bacon and synchronized swimming
1780 Lonely 16 year old tested on her own
1779 Watchful dogs during the night
1778  Sleeping in my own bed tonight
1777 Computer access working earlier than imagined
1776 Apology for being stood up
1775 Fajitas
1774 New highway opened up - being the only one on the road
1773 Sonic ice
1772 Snow cones on a hot evening
1771 Desperate times produce brave heroes
1770 It could always be worse - we are loved!
1769 Counting the endless blessings all around us
1768 Trustee respect
1767 Outdoor concerts
1766 Dad's new misting umbrella to enjoy hot Texas sunsets
1765 Grand kids surprise visiting grandparents
1764 Mom's original recipe chocolate pie x2
1763 Watching kids play flash light tag on the golf course
1762 Girly time with my girls & pampering their mama
1761 Molly being able to stick to her plans
1760 A breath of fresh air
1759 Overflowing love from a little sized heart
1758 Lilly's delight when Max come home - and his hugs for her
1757 Tiny toes
1756 Second week of class for Nick - good experience, friends in the making
1755 Ceci teaching life lessons on courage
1754 Lilly's curls down her back
1753 Ice cold water after a steamy walk
1752 Fresh seedless watermelon - just the thing
1751 Delightful fragrance of roses
1750 Wedding pictures of one we couldn't attend
1749 How far Lilly come come with swimming this summer
1748 Early morning swims with Ceci while water is coolest, "Wake me up first thing."
1747 Saint Maximilian Kolbe
1746 Prayer to balance the scales
1745 Seeking balance between the extremes
1744 Community service - good for all involved
1743 Practicing good manners
1742 Tea time - "feeling refined"
1741 Sweet smells of baby's head
1740 Solving internet problems on my own
1739 Distractions from stressful situations
1738 Good walk with Molly
1737 Friendly policeman that is there every Sunday after mass
1736 Making surprises for them to find tomorrow
1735 Holding a cuddly new born
1734 Living witnesses to inspire me.
1733 Freeing the kids to express themselves, always brings smiles
1732 Creative outlets
1731 The life example of the martyrs and their ultimate sacrifice.
1730 Gratitude from my girls
1729 Wondering at the girts the sweet Lord has put into my life!
1728 Loving in the moments
1727 The joy that comes from loving my spouse
1726 The joy that comes from loving my kids
1725 In bed early! Hoping for a full nights sleep
1724 Lil's wonder at her first trip to the zoo
1723 Houston nights deal
1722 Cutting the dentist bill 30%
1721 Sweet parking lot elderly couple
1720 Ceci being so mature and understanding my frustration.
1719 Fresh hair cuts for the girls
1718 My baby wanting her mama
1717 Spiritual direction
1716 Date night and I almost cancelled.
1715 Offering "the" gifts
1714 Devising a friend roll call on facebook
1713 Indulgences & meeting the requirements
1712 Father sacrificing his time to hear 8 confessions
1711 Joggers in the shop - determined inspiration
1710 Ceci's own anniversary card to her mom and dad
1709 That it looks like I didn't burn up the engine
1708 My hero to my rescue
1707 Forced time together (in broken down car - again)
1706 The toyota  - to test my sense of humor..??
1705 Reading aloud - love the cuddles
1704 Quiet time for reflections
1703 Inspiring families adopting through Reece's Rainbows and  little Nico
1702 Smells of garlic stained fingers
1701 Every safe landing - bringing him home to us.

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