Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Nature walk tour guide.
We only had a 20 minute window during the last piano lesson this week, and the nature center had opened more trails, so we were practically running through the park to cover all we wanted to see.
The girls like to take turns being tour guide and point out interesting sites along our path.

Our path was pretty littered with blooms of the trumpet vine.

Lilly has hew new shoes on and she is going to meet up with her sisters at their friends house down the street. 

Why do they not realize that sitting in the stroller is the best place to be?

Summer school college course final is today. We will be very happy late this afternoon when he comes home joyful Calc III is over, and we will have a few restful weeks before saying goodbye for the fall semester.

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  1. What great photos! Thanks for joining! {My trumpet vine finally bloomed after a decade!!}

  2. Those trumpet vines are beautiful and your girl look precious (=

  3. So funny, what I wouldn't give sometimes to just sit and be pushed around in a stroller :)