Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More gifts counted 1401 - 1500

1500. Having another driver in the house.

1499. Cool things to play on.

1498. Planning school curriculum - good to have focus back.
1497. Peanut butter kiss cookies - and its not even Christmastime
1496. "I will comfort them in all their sufferings." - His Sacred Heart
1495. Garden fresh pesto pasta.

1494. Having to adjust to having three teenagers in the house.
1493. Being in a tall car in a flash flood
1492. Mid summer break from the heat
1491. Cc hair doings
1490. Crusade magazine circa 1955
1489. Lilly playing fashion model with her clothes
1488. 14 loads of laundry - done!
1487. Girls planning sleep-overs with friends.
1486. Cool, rainy days make humility tolerable.
1485.  Nap time for a cranky two year old.
1484. Reconnecting
1483. Lesson in humility while child rearing.
1482. A free Monday without PR due.
1481.  Pioneer camp
1480. Thankful for out life together - the whole package.
1479.  Cypress top celebration
1478. Do not put too much on our husbands, that should belong to God
1477. "Mommy, shoe me."
1476. Lilly's names for us(she calls herself "baby"):
Max "icee"
Molly "ah-E"
Nick "geek-o"
Euly "lee lee"
Cc "shae shae"
1475. 43 pound Texas black diamond.
1474. Deciding not to be angry anymore.
1473. Spending a little time at my sister's pool.
1472. Watching Lilly push herself to swim.
1471. Molly's cookies.
1470. Crazy walker man, constable looking for drunks, all interesting sights on a late night walk
1469. Lilly sleeping in her daddy's arms.
1468. Lilly did great on her first day of independence without mom.
1467. Putting it all in God's Hands.
1466. All's done with BRS (for now).

1465. Filed!
1464. All those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. 
1463. The girls learning to make wool soap.
1462. The softest skin to snuggle with.
1461. House full of kids playing together - nice to have friends with big families.
1460.  Piano music played and echoing through the house.
1459. Molly beaming from great day out with Auntie Mar.
1458. Sparkling clean kitchen sink.
1457.  Euly bringing in the days harvest
1456. Morning walk with Max
1455. Cc teaching Lilly how to swim.

1454. Sharing rainbow sherbet.
1453. Growing pains - force life to happen.
1452. Bday shopping with the girls for Cc.
1451  Precious little girls dresses arriving in mail thrilling little Miss.
1450. Texians! Remember the Alamo!
1449. Molly babysitting business taking off - on her way to financial independence
1448. Giddy girls.
1447. Lilly loving the dancing and time with her daddy.
1446. Daddy daughter dance.
1445. Thankful I didn't get hurt by being stupid with the engine thing.
1444. Mostly done.
1443. Seeing Lilly dance and laugh in her sleep - good dreams!
1442. Hotel soap smell.
1441. Being tested again and again.
1440. Fairly easy car repairs on side of road - could have been worse.
1439. Little warm baby to snuggle with when AC is cold
1438. Texan plus Ingle - unstoppable
1437. Strength from faith
1436. Strength
1435. Resolution signed. 
1434. Learning life's lessons even when its hard
1433. Hearing the sewing machine buzzing away
1432. Trying to make amends
1431. A glass of wine.
1430. Everyone seems to be healthy at the same time.
1429. Legends are lessons that ring of truth - fav line from Brave.
1428 .A walk and a sauna or a walking sauna - good to sweat out stress and toxins..
1427. Lilly first one down to sleep tonight
1426. "Don't yell at her, she doesn't like it." "We don't either, mom." - touche' Cc
1425. "Hey mom, how come you can't breath when you talk?"
1424. Dealing with the heat, 104 really just isn't livable.
1423. Meeting the new neighbors across the street - sharing sweet treats.
1422. Power of sharing a smile.
1421. Gromit was easy to recover this time.
1420. Walking again with Molly.
1419. Slow progress is still progress.
1418. Visiting after mass with other moms.
1417. Finds at zulily.
1416. McDonald's playground.
Photo: Playing with my mom and Lilly in a play-thingy at mcdonald's lol.

1415. Much dreaded meeting is over and everyone survived
1414. A stop at Buc-ees.

1413. Molly handling her foot injury with maturity.
1412. We left early and the tire place was still open.
1411. Craig was driving when the tire blew.
1410. Lilly back at 110% - thank you God.
1409. ... and for drop off at those groups.
1408. For girls and boy group for my kids....
1407. Sick baby much better in morning.
1406. New friends for my little girls - everyone on best behavior.
1405. Putting my sweetie in God's Hands to watch over her.
1404. At home pedicure.
1403. Trusting the Divine design of the intelligence of human body.
1402. My sisters call to calm me down.
1401. Hydration and prayers keeping her going.

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