Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Quick Takes

Friday Quick Takes
1. I started a mini road trip  with my four younger kids yesterday. It is amazing how mixing up the seating arrangement in the car can liven up the conversations. I didn't realize what a coveted seat the front passenger seat was. It is a treat to have my quiet, thoughtful, thirteen year old son sit next to me captive and subject to my questions.

2. My parents are great! I am so thankful for them. I know I take them for granted: their help with my kids, my mom's sewing great birthday gifts (matching dress with you doll), the beautiful sunsets from the back yard, the moveable bedding arrangements to suit my kids' late night whims, the kitchen always being open to my hungry crew, last nights dinner of homemade sushi and french fries. Thanks, mom & dad, for the welcoming refuge!

3. It's a First Friday!! 
    Quick - hopefully, there is still a mass somewhere around town you can make....

4. Let's all pray for Catholics- in -name-only today. There are too many in the leadership of our country being very bad, casting negativity on His Church.

5. My two year old thinks she doesn't need a nap anymore. She doesn't realize mommy needed her to take that nap. Not sure how to convince her, all normal tactics and techniques have failed.

6. Off to mass for Cc's second of nine First Friday mass....

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