Friday, July 27, 2012

7QT Friday

Universal truths people in my house need to remember :
You don't bother dogs when they are eating and you don't drum on the baby's tummy when she is asleep!!!

I'm up most mornings at 410 a.m.,
my toddler wakes me up.
She kicks, yells, moans, sometimes yells out her sisters' names.
Not sure if it is a bad dream, hunger or constipation.
She's usually back asleep after a foot rub or back rub or just a "shush" from me, but I'm up for a while. The rosary usually gets me back asleep but I don't think of it until I'm fully awake.

So I check my phone, email, facebook (what other crazies are up this late?),  news,...
Boredom takes over and makes me think I should check the status of my family:
I love this app. Everyone is where they are supposed to be - check.
Looks like I missed a good business trip to tag along with my hubby:

The house is all mine at 4 am. I can't really do any chores, watch tv, or I'll wake people.
So I have a forced time to have quiet think and pray time. I make great plans of what I will get done when the sun comes up, feeling boundless energy...

I enjoy it but pay dearly for it the next day.

One goal I have this year is to finish the majority of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. I usually don't even start gathering ideas until after Thanksgiving dishes are put away.  I'm so proud of myself, one present down for my toddler, I'm off to a better start this year. The kids are trying to help give me ideas.
I found this on my phone out of the Cabelas book of a catalog. its hard bound! A air mattress type chair. 

It looks comfy - but a bit big for living spaces dedicated to the ten year old who wants it.

I remember pouring over the Sears and Penny's catalogs as a kid. I told my daughter about the pages and pages of toys, clothes, etc. She asked if I ever got what I asked for - and I don't know - I told her it doesn't matter. I'm sure I was very greedy and checked everything. But I have happy memories of looking through with my sisters, dreaming of a houseful of toys.

"Lilly, you just had a Popsicle.
You can't have two."

"I don't want two...
I want five!!!"

I love this at Aggie Catholic because being Catholic is crazy cool.

"Without the Eucharist, 
the Church simply does not exist."
 - Pope Benedict XVI

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