Monday, July 30, 2012

Counting Gifts: 1700...

I am thankful for...
1700 Making plans for our anniversary
1699 The sounds like a herd of wild elephants stumbling down the stairs to wish me a good morning.
1698 Lilly dreaming nursing
1697 Spinning of the fan sets the rhythm of the morning.
1696 Child in my lap
1695 Reading my favorite picture books to a new set of kids.
1694 Unconditional LOVE
1693 Having AAA
1692 Tshirt souvenir
1691 Wine with lunch - no adverse reaction
1690 Sleepy disheveled smile on freshly awaken but still drowsy face
1689 Faithful, friendly dogs greeting me in the morning.
1688 Frostys
1687 Nick's Dance plans - natural motivator and planner
1686 Hearing the details of their day
1685 Restraint from peer pressure
1684 Large features - beautiful!
1683 Being "grounded" together - no one is lonely
1682 Being "grounded" - makes them think of new ways to keep busy.
1681 Motivated kids to get their lists done
1680 Beauty in all the colors of the eye
1679 Lazy Monday mornings
1678 Doughnut Sundays
1677 Different relationship with each child
1676 Hubby faithfully up and off to work to take care of his family
1675 Molly doing all the ironing
1674 Warm snuggled, sleeping, snoring sweetness cuddled up to me.
1673  Lilly giving hugs to her daddy before he leaves and right when he returns
1672 Gearing back up for college
1671 Timeless love of brothers
1670 Cool morning giving refreshing hope to a new day
1669  Schoolroom dodge ball
1668 Molly having a little visit with a friend who is leaving soon
1667 Nick's enthusiasm to spend his Sundays learning more about Altar serving and a scout class called Ad Alteri Dei - very full Lord's Day.
1666 A substitute church short drive away for a rare sleeping late Sunday morning.
1665 "I want mimi"
1664 All sisters together with mom and dad
1663 Craig taking Nick to new meeting to give me a break
1662 The way the sunlight glimmers on the leaves in the early morning
1661 God designed body with intelligence to heal itself
1660 The church giving my husband an outlet for his creative needs for His Glory
1659 His Church bringing friends together
1658 The Lord calming my fears
1657  Son who makes me very proud
1656 Getting text from T, glad to be in their thoughts
1655 Seeing a future soldier as he prepares for enlistment
1654 Cleanliness inspiring cleaning
1653 Girly girl to tomboy in seconds
1652 Good news of older mamas having wonderful birth experiences - at home
1651 Lazy lazy days - good for recharging burnt out spirits
1650 Run in with past rival - handles with grace
1649 Telling them their unique qualities
1648 Craig coming back to get Nick to go too
1647 Sweet girl - even while battling fever
1646 Book to read and share supporting chastity and why
1645 Three bags of give aways
1644 Sorting through hand me downs - thrills girls as much as going shopping
1643 Hubby spoiling his Ceci
1642 Buzzing orange insect was a dragonfly, not wasp
1641 Hubby home
1640 Molly to cook three dinners this week
1639 Seeing Max happy
1638 Finding the monster ant pile while armed with poison
1637 Sharing girl time with my three opinionated girls
1636 Discovering forgotten religious art
1635 Visit with nice new neighbors
1634 Explaining tax implications of obamacare to realtor neighbor
1633 Hanging out and texting with my silly teenagers
1632 A very relaxed unscheduled day
1631 Birding
1630 Reading The Iliad out loud together
1629 Free car repairs again...? Lets hope its good.
1628 Not stranded on the side of the road this time, parking lot much safer.
1627 nice tow truck driver
1626 Sharing birth stories - brings back beautiful memories
1625 Baby lashes
1624 Hugs
1623 HIDE!!! Lilly playing hide and seek
1622 Picture books - pulling out the best to read this year !
1621 Max reading 100 First Word book with Lilly
1620 St. Joseph starting the weed eater for me
1619 All lost documents found! Thank you St. Anthony
St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around.
Something is lost and can't be found. Please help me find it!
1618 Showing Lilly the stars
1617 Smell of incense
1616 Jokingly wishing for a lottery win for church
1615 Dinner out with three cool couples and Father.
1614 Seeing the pews fill up
1613 SS Admin guy reminding me to watch myself for hypocrisy
1612 Cleaning and still settling in
1611 Being able to send my Saturday how I want with no accounting to do
1610 Beauty of sleeping children
1609 Funny movies
1608 Quick visit with Viv and her kids
1607 Getting past snarkiness
1606 Family outings
1605 Mid summer nights' dreamings
1604 Finding a shoe sale when she realized she left the house w/o shoes
1603 Strawberry cake - just because
1602 Purple sunsets
1601 Texas Sky - so big to see blue sky, thunderheads and rain all at once

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