Monday, July 30, 2012

Counting Gifts: 1700...

I am thankful for...
1700 Making plans for our anniversary
1699 The sounds like a herd of wild elephants stumbling down the stairs to wish me a good morning.
1698 Lilly dreaming nursing
1697 Spinning of the fan sets the rhythm of the morning.
1696 Child in my lap
1695 Reading my favorite picture books to a new set of kids.
1694 Unconditional LOVE
1693 Having AAA
1692 Tshirt souvenir
1691 Wine with lunch - no adverse reaction
1690 Sleepy disheveled smile on freshly awaken but still drowsy face
1689 Faithful, friendly dogs greeting me in the morning.
1688 Frostys
1687 Nick's Dance plans - natural motivator and planner
1686 Hearing the details of their day
1685 Restraint from peer pressure
1684 Large features - beautiful!
1683 Being "grounded" together - no one is lonely
1682 Being "grounded" - makes them think of new ways to keep busy.
1681 Motivated kids to get their lists done
1680 Beauty in all the colors of the eye
1679 Lazy Monday mornings
1678 Doughnut Sundays
1677 Different relationship with each child
1676 Hubby faithfully up and off to work to take care of his family
1675 Molly doing all the ironing
1674 Warm snuggled, sleeping, snoring sweetness cuddled up to me.
1673  Lilly giving hugs to her daddy before he leaves and right when he returns
1672 Gearing back up for college
1671 Timeless love of brothers
1670 Cool morning giving refreshing hope to a new day
1669  Schoolroom dodge ball
1668 Molly having a little visit with a friend who is leaving soon
1667 Nick's enthusiasm to spend his Sundays learning more about Altar serving and a scout class called Ad Alteri Dei - very full Lord's Day.
1666 A substitute church short drive away for a rare sleeping late Sunday morning.
1665 "I want mimi"
1664 All sisters together with mom and dad
1663 Craig taking Nick to new meeting to give me a break
1662 The way the sunlight glimmers on the leaves in the early morning
1661 God designed body with intelligence to heal itself
1660 The church giving my husband an outlet for his creative needs for His Glory
1659 His Church bringing friends together
1658 The Lord calming my fears
1657  Son who makes me very proud
1656 Getting text from T, glad to be in their thoughts
1655 Seeing a future soldier as he prepares for enlistment
1654 Cleanliness inspiring cleaning
1653 Girly girl to tomboy in seconds
1652 Good news of older mamas having wonderful birth experiences - at home
1651 Lazy lazy days - good for recharging burnt out spirits
1650 Run in with past rival - handles with grace
1649 Telling them their unique qualities
1648 Craig coming back to get Nick to go too
1647 Sweet girl - even while battling fever
1646 Book to read and share supporting chastity and why
1645 Three bags of give aways
1644 Sorting through hand me downs - thrills girls as much as going shopping
1643 Hubby spoiling his Ceci
1642 Buzzing orange insect was a dragonfly, not wasp
1641 Hubby home
1640 Molly to cook three dinners this week
1639 Seeing Max happy
1638 Finding the monster ant pile while armed with poison
1637 Sharing girl time with my three opinionated girls
1636 Discovering forgotten religious art
1635 Visit with nice new neighbors
1634 Explaining tax implications of obamacare to realtor neighbor
1633 Hanging out and texting with my silly teenagers
1632 A very relaxed unscheduled day
1631 Birding
1630 Reading The Iliad out loud together
1629 Free car repairs again...? Lets hope its good.
1628 Not stranded on the side of the road this time, parking lot much safer.
1627 nice tow truck driver
1626 Sharing birth stories - brings back beautiful memories
1625 Baby lashes
1624 Hugs
1623 HIDE!!! Lilly playing hide and seek
1622 Picture books - pulling out the best to read this year !
1621 Max reading 100 First Word book with Lilly
1620 St. Joseph starting the weed eater for me
1619 All lost documents found! Thank you St. Anthony
St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around.
Something is lost and can't be found. Please help me find it!
1618 Showing Lilly the stars
1617 Smell of incense
1616 Jokingly wishing for a lottery win for church
1615 Dinner out with three cool couples and Father.
1614 Seeing the pews fill up
1613 SS Admin guy reminding me to watch myself for hypocrisy
1612 Cleaning and still settling in
1611 Being able to send my Saturday how I want with no accounting to do
1610 Beauty of sleeping children
1609 Funny movies
1608 Quick visit with Viv and her kids
1607 Getting past snarkiness
1606 Family outings
1605 Mid summer nights' dreamings
1604 Finding a shoe sale when she realized she left the house w/o shoes
1603 Strawberry cake - just because
1602 Purple sunsets
1601 Texas Sky - so big to see blue sky, thunderheads and rain all at once

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Musings

Outside my window...
it's a beautiful blue sky, sunny day with temperatures for late July - up to 97.

I am thinking....
where did this come from? I don't remember it being there last time I walked by...

I am thankful...
for the time spent with my oldest yesterday. 
In the kitchen...
always seem to be in a rut, so I'm looking for inspiration and an easy how-to,
so I'm looking through  a few of Ree Drummand's recipes to pick today.
Starting with Macaroni Salad or maybe Pasta Carbonara and this Chicken Pasta is looking tempting..
I am creating...
school plans challenging to Nick to rise up to his challenge of completing all course work he has been behind.
Weekend activities....
the guys working on church property, some of us are going to play, A Winter's Tale performed at Winedale, meeting family, Mass, Nick's new By Scout class.
I am wondering...
why I think I will spend a two hour performance in the seat I picked out with a happy and content two year old in my lap instead of walking around, sitting in the car, with same two year old? Back to being thankful for my oldest; he has a good way keeping her distracted and happy, and always had the ability to make his mom laugh at herself. :)

I am reading...
A Woman in Love: Redefine the Journey Toward Your Husband to Be by Katie Hartfiel and then will have Molly read.
I am hoping...
for the return of fallen away Catholics to the sacraments, especially now faced with reminders of morality.
I am looking forward to...
celebrating our 25th anniversary this week. No big plans, just dinner out alone. Sweet that Craig made sure he was in town, traveling just before and after our anniversary..
Around the house...
I am praying for...
Kyle, peaceful resolutions, a good school year, church building plans to process, health and safety of my family, and good new leaders of our country. Future vocation of my kids.
A favorite quote verse for today...
"For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the Lord, 
thoughts of peace,
and not of affliction
to give you an end and patience.
And you shall call upon me, and you shall go and you shall pray to me, 
and I will hear you.
You shall seek me, and shall find me, 
when you shall seek me with all your heart."
- Jeremiah 29:11-13
One of my favorite things...
family time Sundays
A few plans for the rest of the week...
piano, take Nick to my parents and visit with my sister, visit with visiting priest at reception, take Cc to her 3rd First Friday, violin, go pick up Nick, enjoy one of the last weeks of school vacation. 
Something that makes me happy...
Going to plays at Winedale
A peek into my day...
I decided on the chicken pasta - everybody liked it.

Friday, July 27, 2012

7QT Friday

Universal truths people in my house need to remember :
You don't bother dogs when they are eating and you don't drum on the baby's tummy when she is asleep!!!

I'm up most mornings at 410 a.m.,
my toddler wakes me up.
She kicks, yells, moans, sometimes yells out her sisters' names.
Not sure if it is a bad dream, hunger or constipation.
She's usually back asleep after a foot rub or back rub or just a "shush" from me, but I'm up for a while. The rosary usually gets me back asleep but I don't think of it until I'm fully awake.

So I check my phone, email, facebook (what other crazies are up this late?),  news,...
Boredom takes over and makes me think I should check the status of my family:
I love this app. Everyone is where they are supposed to be - check.
Looks like I missed a good business trip to tag along with my hubby:

The house is all mine at 4 am. I can't really do any chores, watch tv, or I'll wake people.
So I have a forced time to have quiet think and pray time. I make great plans of what I will get done when the sun comes up, feeling boundless energy...

I enjoy it but pay dearly for it the next day.

One goal I have this year is to finish the majority of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. I usually don't even start gathering ideas until after Thanksgiving dishes are put away.  I'm so proud of myself, one present down for my toddler, I'm off to a better start this year. The kids are trying to help give me ideas.
I found this on my phone out of the Cabelas book of a catalog. its hard bound! A air mattress type chair. 

It looks comfy - but a bit big for living spaces dedicated to the ten year old who wants it.

I remember pouring over the Sears and Penny's catalogs as a kid. I told my daughter about the pages and pages of toys, clothes, etc. She asked if I ever got what I asked for - and I don't know - I told her it doesn't matter. I'm sure I was very greedy and checked everything. But I have happy memories of looking through with my sisters, dreaming of a houseful of toys.

"Lilly, you just had a Popsicle.
You can't have two."

"I don't want two...
I want five!!!"

I love this at Aggie Catholic because being Catholic is crazy cool.

"Without the Eucharist, 
the Church simply does not exist."
 - Pope Benedict XVI

Thursday, July 26, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Every Thursday, at Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Nature walk tour guide.
We only had a 20 minute window during the last piano lesson this week, and the nature center had opened more trails, so we were practically running through the park to cover all we wanted to see.
The girls like to take turns being tour guide and point out interesting sites along our path.

Our path was pretty littered with blooms of the trumpet vine.

Lilly has hew new shoes on and she is going to meet up with her sisters at their friends house down the street. 

Why do they not realize that sitting in the stroller is the best place to be?

Summer school college course final is today. We will be very happy late this afternoon when he comes home joyful Calc III is over, and we will have a few restful weeks before saying goodbye for the fall semester.

round button chicken

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shakespeare Mid Summer Nights

The play's the thing.

We can usually tell when the summer is starting to wind down when it comes to the part of summer we spend with William Shakespeare. We've had Shakespeare at some point in the school year, but have enjoyed summer Shakespeare for the past five years. 
July, 2004
We had a great introduction at Oglethorpe University while living in Georgia. The kids participated in skits on stage. Max was in a mock game show, Molly was asked to be a fairy type spirit in a shortened version of The Tempest. The students who put the show on sang a song You're Speaking Shakespeare. It was really well done. I didn't record it, I wish I did. This one is delightful:

We usually attend the first week of  the UT at Winedale performances. We usually chose a Comedy and Tragedy sometimes a history. This year our first pick:

Mid Summer Night's Dream

We went to opening night and met my parents, one of my sisters' families and a friends family. We all were probably half the audience. It was delightful. Everyone enjoyed the enthusiasm of the actors, and the close seats. It is delightful to see the actor go through their warm up activities.
Lilly and her cousins played on the stage before hand:

A reporter and photographer from the Houston Chronicle were there and wrote and photographed the night.

A few days before, we read shortened versions by E. Nesbit and Charles & Mary Lamb to see their interest.We discussed the characters and themes, they colored pictures of their favorite scenes. 

Winedale is such a special place. The atmosphere and beauty, closeness to the stage, the enthusiasm of the actors, the chance to meet and visit with them afterwards all add to special memories. The experience is priceless and memorable. It is so good to listen to the rhythm of Shakespeare's Iambic parameter and prose. It  washes over us, we quote our favorites, we get enthusiastic with the play and it stays with us for days. 

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekend Thoughts

Outside my window...sunny and hot with a good dose of humidity.
Thinking....about Batman and violence, sad..., health, faith.
Kitchen...BBQ warmed up from 4h BBQ frozen earlier, tacos tomorrow.
Activities... cleaning and de junking but also working on plans to add a laundry shoot from upstairs bathroom that's right over my laundry room...
Weekend activities....not much, relaxing weekend. Dinner with Father an a few other couples tomorrow. Maybe shop some college clothes for Max while I have 30% coupon from Kohl...
Reading...The Mystery of Periodic Table writing course plans and quiz for comprehension. More books to go...having fun planning what we'll concentrate on.
Hoping... we can go to another Shakespeare performance next week- We all love going to Winedale. I love being close to the performance, I love the peaceful setting, the enthusiasm of the actors, the way it mesmerizes my kids, the chance to meet up with other fans of Shakespeare and have it be a fun experience for all.

Looking forward to...cooler temperatures in fall. Got a little accustomed to rainy day cool temps- now have yucky humidity
Around the house...more new neighbors moved in this week. Family with three small kids and immediately put out a yard sign " I don't like all this change. I want my country back". Cool more conservatives
Praying for...our country, our priests, our family, future for the youth of our country.
A favorite quote for today... from A Midsummer Night's Dream:
The course of true love never did run smooth.
The performance we went to had the perfect Puck! and delivered all the lines with the right sassy sincerity.
"I'll put a girdle around the earth in forty minutes." 
One of my favorite things...hearing my favorite lines acted in a Shakespeare play, and seeing the light in my kids' eyes when they hear theirs.
Planning the rest of the week...Church planning dinner, Nick to bday party, piano, school, reading, relaxing. Max finishes his summer college course, and I'm hoping to have some fun while he is here, without commitments before he is off again to school.

Oh, and coming up on Tuesday, July 24 - is Saint Charbel's feast day!! 

Prayer to St. Charbel Makhlouf 

Lord, infinitely Holy and Glorified in Your Saints,

You have inspired Charbel, the saint monk,

to lead the perfect life of a hermit.
We thank You for granting him the blessing
and the strength to detach himself from the world
so that the heroism of the monastic virtues of poverty,
obedience, and chastity,
could triumph in his hermitage.
We beseech You to grant us the grace of loving and serving You,
following his example.
Almighty God, Who has manifested
the power of St. Charbel's intercession
through his countless miracles and favours,
grant us...

(State your intention(s) here...)

through his intercession.


Our Father...

Hail Mary...
Glory Be...

Something that makes me happy...reconnecting with long time friends, whose paths haven't crossed ours much lately and seeing their happiness at seeing us too.
A peek into my day...

Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

I have a pet peeve about items left in the car.
I would like my car to carry people and maybe an occasional bag and not half the items belonging in the house. I have missed the diaper left on the garage floor a time or two and regretted it, necessitating a run to the closest drug store.

I vacillate over shoes,
if any or how many (with a family of 8) should be left in the car.
Sometimes I think a minimally acceptable shoe should be left in the car, especially when we stop after a thirty minute drive to get out to meet dad for dinner and I hear casually uttered:
"Oh, I don't have any shoes to wear."

Or days when we arrive at church,
the only shoes someone has to wear in the car are flip flops, not so appropriate with lace and ruffles, but better than barefoot. (Unfortunately I know first hand that shoe stores aren't usually open Sunday mornings before 8 a.m.).

4. Trash...
we are humans? we know how to open the item encased in plastic, how an we suddenly not know how to dispose of that plastic into a trash can or a trash bag, or any where besides the floor? How does so much end up under the seat, or in those crevasses the skinny vacuum attachment can't reach.

5. I think I've grown immune to some of the dirt, when I see the happy smiley faces drawn in the dust on the outside windows of my car, it makes me smile.

6. Drawing on skin while in the car.... 
It seems to be a little girl thing, as I do not recall my boys drawing on their skin in random lines. All four girls have done it. It drives my husband crazy, giving the girls an idea of how he'd feel about a tattoo. I wonder it the markers just work better and smoother on skin and they enjoy the color patterns, or it tickles, or they think skins is a better canvas while in a moving vehicle. I do think they do not give it a second thought once they have decorated their arms, legs, faces, and when I have to grab the little one out of the car seat to run in somewhere, and before I've looked at her longer than to make sure she did have shoes on, someone comments, "Looks like someone got into the markers."
Stranger lady, why do you always feel the need need to point that out?

7. That tomorrow me...she will like some of the school planning I'm doing today. She might have wished I had done some more de-junking and deep cleaning while it was still summer and the today me had a little more time on her hands.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

{pretty} & {happy}
Lil and I have been accompanying my high school junior daughter to the local community college to jump through all the necessary and time consuming hoops to get her enrolled into dual credit courses for the fall. It is a deal, the least expensive high school class she has, and it knocks out a required class for most college degree plans.
So, while she waits, takes tests, waits, meets with advisers, waits... 
Lil and I distract ourselves (needless to say - for hours) in a world not designed for children. 
We found this beautiful labyrinth. 
 Lil decided to cut off the path every chance she could. 
We found some pennies on the ground and she delighted in throwing them into the fountain.

On a hot and humid day, it is soooo tempting to get all the way in, but she controlled herself.

 I think she was tempted to get the pennies back out once thrown in, but she stopped herself then too.
 The strange thing about this economy, as hard as it is on so many people in so many areas of life, the education system is thriving. No, not just thriving, they seem to have so much money burning a hole in their pockets, every time I turn around at this community college campus, something else new is being built. A new vet center, a new theater, today I stumbled upon a new fitness center with racquetball courts and happily discovered they are open to the public.  We loved playing in college.

So, here is Lilly pointing out another fountain. It's a lovely campus, new seating line the hallways, the county library is full of wonderful children's books to choose from. Not complaining as we will be spending many more hours here this fall...and 
 I can see some of my tax dollars at work. It just seems strangely askew in proportion to every thing else in our economy.
The strangest not-kid friendly convenience - the doors opening to the outside at the end of long empty hallways just right for a little hyper two year old to run and not disturb anyone, have automatic openers. Not the kind that you have to push a big square, these are fancy enough to sense you coming down the hall, and open for you. Not so good for a tired momma who thought she's get a break for a moment, instead, having to chase her down outside. The sudden rain storm kept her from getting too far ahead.
Molly did fantastic on her entrance tests - and now is an official college-dually-enrolled-with-high-school student. 
Back to enjoying summer a bit longer.....

Sorry for the blurry iphone pic, but I thought Lil was funny trying to "high five" Uncle Sam.
She's a big fan of the high five, the low five and now, fist bumping, which isn't a good idea to get her started if you happen to look away for a moment, because she has a surprisingly strong left cross ( and a longer attention span for this type activity).

Our skies have been ominous lately - producing lots and lots of rain, thunder and lightning. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Counting Gifts

1600. Birds and crickets chirping outside my window at all hours.
1599. Lilly is so appreciative for food.
1598. Frogs that sound like goats.
1597. Poetry.
1596. Seeing my boys grow to be Men.
1595. Feeling alive.
1594. An hour spent in thanksgiving.
1593. Colorful art to make me feel happy inside.
1592. Lilly having to learn to play with little ones her size - delightful but stressful.
1591. Dogs barking in the middle of the night - annoyingly reassuring.
1590. True concern.
1589. Girls wanting to sleep with me when dad is out of town.
1588. The Internet and school resources and ideas.
1587. Kids coloring pages from Shakespeare.
1586. Can't mow - too much rain - grass thriving a brilliant shade of green.
1585. Seemingly insignificant moments bring sweet memories.
1584. Cc & Lilly's relationship.
1583.  Listening to Molly practice her piano - her love for music resonates.
1582. Euly's song she learned at pioneer camp.
1581. When programs work.
1580.  Finding control over little things can bring about peace.
1579. Husband thinking of us and bringing home chocolate from business trip.
1578. Finding sweet my mom left behind for us.
1577. Distractions of thankfulness and prayer when insomnia hits.
1576. School planning - always fun to envision the school year with hope.
1575. Flowers to give glory.
1574. Craig's job going well, even with busy travel schedule.
1573. Seeing bits of their daddy in each of them - uniquely.
1572. Strange pain going away.
1571. AC kicking in at night to a lovely sleep and snuggle temperature.
1570. Transforming office space into what I need want it to be.
1569. Incentives to get things done.
1568. Kids who pay attention to life.
1567. Costco runs to fill pantry.
1566. Good examples in extended family to encourage all.
1565. Learning a lesson the hard way - stronger than words.
1564. Kids to play with down the street.
1563. Middle of he night rosaries.
1562. One of a kind people! Trying to appreciate while here.
1561. Daughter  speaking highly of her mother - defending our bond.
1560. Brothers sharing their passions - trying to find a good platform.
1559. Spiritual bouquets
1558. The Angelus - a beautiful prayer.
1557. Rush - especially when he is outraged - speaking for us !
1556. Heavenly aid
1555. Awakening roar in the fabric of our country
1554. Seeing kids take responsibility to make their own success.
1553. That she still need her mommy.
1552. Little ones' big smiles
1551. The Wiggles: concern for Greg, annoyed with Anthony: silly fans
1550. Treasure hunts for fountain pennies
1549. Big brother's love and protection for his little sister
1548. FSSP coming along at just the right time.
1547. Meeting another homeschooling big family, big age span and a "Vivian"
1546. Kids to keep my days full
1545. Daughter basking in her dad's praise
1544. Sad to see the end of the rain.
1543. Being legit home schoolers - thankful Molly did her part
1542. That I always have someone willing and wanting to go with me - no matter the destination.
1541. Confident daughter
1540. Little girls making up before falling asleep
1539. Power of prayer
1538. That my kids wake up healthy and happy each morning.
1537. Course registration for fall: DONE
1536. Molly aced her compass test.
1535. No reassignment for our priest.
1534. Planning goals with kids
1533. A good relaxing deep sleep
1532. Conspiring with other couples for dinner with Father VV
1531. Kids asking for more Shakespeare
1530. Craig's safe travels
1529. Woodworking father
1528. Photo fun like instagram
1527. Swimming with the girls.
1526. A baby's love for her mommy.
1525. A deeper substance beyond mere words.
1524. Having a computer guru in the house.
1523. Timeless sacrifice.
1522. Rainy crazy days with thunder and lightning with crazy kids.
1521. Texas chicken fried steak.
1520. Being in good company .
1519. Max helping Euly make pioneer doll out of rags.
1518. Hand made fairies.
1517. Visiting with aunt from Tennessee.
1516. Shooting off left over Roman candles.
1515. "Ta-chu mommy" - sweet polite girl.
1514. Cool night drive with moon roof open - refreshing.
1513. Extra scholarship moneeeeeey.
1512. Trustee movement.
1511. Bible lesson conversation starters watching Veggie Tales.
1510. Night walk to the crazy chorus of frogs deliriously happy after rain.
1509. "Goodnights" all around.
1508. Clear night after days of overcast and sunroof to see the stars.
1507. Neighbor coming to get my kids for late night flashlight tag.
1506. My daughter surprising herself by calling me a hipster.
1505. Surroundings from Surroundings.
1504. Being safe inside during a powerful storm.
1503. "Whats that?" Lilly's new phrase.
1502. FaceTime on phone.
1501. The sounds of a pouring rain, and wonder at the power of rain.

Wordless Wednesday

A quick year gone by

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekend Journal

Outside my window...rainy, sunny, rainy, sunny. It just can't make up its mind today, but at least it is fairly cool.
I am thinking....about so many people hurt in this economy. It is hard. It seems senseless pain that could and should be rectified....but I won't discuss politics here.
I am thankful...for Max's additional scholarship - for honors!! What a nice surprise!
In the kitchen...a little Texas feast for my parents and my aunt Carolyn's visit: beef, chicken, shrimp and veggie fajitas, guacamole, pico, peach cobbler & vanilla ice cream.,...

I am creating...well, we finished almost all of our last week's projects...need to come up with some ideas.
Activities and projects in planning for 2012-2013 school year!
Weekend activities....quilts from last week are done, Euly has made a few fairy dolls and a rag corn husk style doll.
I am Shakespeare at Winedale this week! yay- and should be able to visit with one of my sisters and her family.
I am wondering...why she is sooooo silly

I am reading...curriculum, home school resource catalogs, college course plans, Midsummers Night Dream to the kids
I am looking forward to...visiting with my aunt and parents today!
I am praying for...our priests, a peaceful resolution, good health, thanksgiving.
A favorite quote for today...
"Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it,
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life it too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it."

Mother Teresa

A few plans for the rest of the week...not much this week, thank goodness. really just violin lessons on Friday. I will see if anything surprisingly comes up. School planning, junk organizing and decluttering. With free calendar, I probably will get Molly sign up for fall classes and maybe get my hair done.
Something that makes me happy...One of my favorite things... & A peek into my day...

Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes about rain

Be still, sad heart, and cease repining;
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life some rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary.

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
From The Rainy Day

Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
My little children want to play.
Rain, rain go away.
I let my kids play in the rain. They put their swim suits on and head out to splash in the puddles. Having the cool water rush over bare feet is so refreshing.It's just rained so much, in quantity and in days, but I still can't wish it away. It is a cool break from the summer's heat. The natural world is more colorful and refreshed with the refreshing goodness poured from heaven.


It's raining, its pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed with a bump on his head
And didn't get up in the morning.

We are still expecting more rain for many more days. The ground is completely saturated and squishy, so maybe some could come next week instead of today, but I'll take it. I love poems about rain - I had a strange imagination as a child, and always pondered what happened to the old man.

We wish away rain, then we plead and pray for its return. We're a funny people. This recent deluge could be the answered prayers from last years drought. We should just say thank you.
If you walk in my precepts, and keep my commandments, and do them,
I will give you rain in due seasons."
- Leviticus 26:3

Being out and about in the sudden flash flooding this week, has me thinking about the Power of Rain, and God's Power in weather in general. Rain can change everything.Its flood waters can wash away everything in its path, change our plans for the day, and totally change the mood outside. My kids didn't want to get up in the mornings this week, they couldn't believe it was still so dark outside after 8 a.m.
It's all a reflection of God's power, He can change everything, just like that; wash away everything - as He once did.
"For yet a while, and after seven days, I will rain upon he earth forty days and forty nights, and I will destroy every substance that I have made from the face of the earth."
Genesis 7:4

my daughter was inside and had no idea how it looked outside
We watched these flash flood waters rise and recede in a matter of minutes.

If rain is a sign of His Wrath, it is also a most merciful sign of His Mercy.
It is nourishment, refreshment, reprieve from misery and gives hope in dire circumstances.

I love pondering Manna - a very special kind of rain. Could you imagine it?
"And the Lord said to Moses: Behold I will rain bread from heaven for you; let the people go forth and gather what is sufficient for every day..."
- Exodus 16:4

Hebrews 6:7 " For the earth, that drinketh in the rain which cometh often upon it and bringeh forth herbs meet for them by whom it is tilled, receiveth blessing from God."
St. Paul

The natural world loves rain. I can water and fertilize my yard and garden, but never have the same effect as rain. The colors, just the plain perkiness of the plants exclaims their joy for this lovely gift from above.

Children love the rain, have a delighted fear of thunderstorms and the power they bring. Rain delights their imagination and brings them a joy that the rest of us seem to loose as we age.

Longfellow got it right:

Rain in Summer

How beautiful is the rain!
After the dust and heat,
In the broad and fiery street,
In the narrow lane,
How beautiful is the rain!

How it clatters along the roofs,
Like the tramp of hoofs
How it gushes and struggles out
From the throat of the overflowing spout!

Across the window-pane
It pours and pours;
And swift and wide,
With a muddy tide,
Like a river down the gutter roars
The rain, the welcome rain!

The sick man from his chamber looks
At the twisted brooks;
He can feel the cool
Breath of each little pool;
His fevered brain
Grows calm again,
And he breathes a blessing on the rain.

From the neighboring school
Come the boys,
With more than their wonted noise
And commotion;
And down the wet streets
Sail their mimic fleets,
Till the treacherous pool
Ingulfs them in its whirling
And turbulent ocean.

In the country, on every side,
Where far and wide,
Like a leopard's tawny and spotted hide,
Stretches the plain,
To the dry grass and the drier grain
How welcome is the rain!

In the furrowed land
The toilsome and patient oxen stand;
Lifting the yoke encumbered head,
With their dilated nostrils spread,
They silently inhale
The clover-scented gale,
And the vapors that arise
From the well-watered and smoking soil.
For this rest in the furrow after toil
Their large and lustrous eyes
Seem to thank the Lord,
More than man's spoken word.

Near at hand,
From under the sheltering trees,
The farmer sees
His pastures, and his fields of grain,
As they bend their tops
To the numberless beating drops
Of the incessant rain.
He counts it as no sin
That he sees therein
Only his own thrift and gain.

These, and far more than these,
The Poet sees!
He can behold
Aquarius old
Walking the fenceless fields of air;
And from each ample fold
Of the clouds about him rolled
Scattering everywhere
The showery rain,
As the farmer scatters his grain.

He can behold
Things manifold
That have not yet been wholly told,--
Have not been wholly sung nor said.
For his thought, that never stops,
Follows the water-drops
Down to the graves of the dead,
Down through chasms and gulfs profound,
To the dreary fountain-head
Of lakes and rivers under ground;
And sees them, when the rain is done,
On the bridge of colors seven
Climbing up once more to heaven,
Opposite the setting sun.

Thus the Seer,
With vision clear,
Sees forms appear and disappear,
In the perpetual round of strange,
Mysterious change
From birth to death, from death to birth,
From earth to heaven, from heaven to earth;
Till glimpses more sublime
Of things, unseen before,
Unto his wondering eyes reveal
The Universe, as an immeasurable wheel
Turning forevermore
In the rapid and rushing river of Time.

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