Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Musings

Texas in the summer-
Not much different from week to week, it just gets hotter and more humid as we approach August. The rainy days are a momentary relief from the heat, causing sultry summer days that make me wonder how did the early Texas survive the stifling air in midday. A tradition of Siestas make sense, why don't we have this part of our day?

I am thinking that praying the rosary on road trips is essential. Just as I finished mine today, a trailer tire blew. And in just six miles from a tire repair place with Saturday hours and it was just before they closed at noon. Deo gratias.

Since we are not home, nothing is going on in the kitchen. We haven't eaten well on the road, mostly snacks. But we had Meyers BBQ in Elgin beef sandwiches for the drive home. Yummmm

 Why a sudden Austin road trip? Just a business meeting to get things rolling on closing our business. You know, sometimes when you dread an encounter for over a year, maybe even for many years, and that encounter is over and done with, there is such a sense of relief! I'm ready for a week long nap. My girls were able to have a quick visit with my mother-in-law and probably scared everyone at the assisted living home with three crazy girls on the loose. I did see lots of smiling faces when i picked them up. I'm sure Dd loved every minute of it, and hopefully is now enjoying a well deserved rest.

I don't have much else going in, no new projects. But the girls are finishing up their dolls quilts and I've begun a deep cleaning project of cleaning out drawers, dejunking and reorganizing. It is very satisfying work. The kids open an drawer and express some yell of surprise and delight that they are looking at a newly organized kitchen utensil drawer, place mats and napkin drawer or even the trivet drawer. (Yes, it was that noticable!)

I mentioned in an earlier post that I finished reading Kristin Lavransdatter. I loved every bit of it and regret that I read it so fast. I do not recommend the Norweigian movie, better played out in my imagination. I couldn't watch it. I am slowly reading Unearthing Your Ten Talents, A Thomistic Guide to Spiritual Growth by Kevin Vost  (recommended here) and rereading Hold On To Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld (recommended by a friend) on my kindle, but when I went to read a few pages, I saw Lilly had gotten a hold of my phone and deleted a few apps - including kindle! They made deleting apps too easy, if a two year old can do it. At least the kindle returned to the page I was on after I re-downloaded it. 

I am praying for...healing for those who need it, employment for those looking for jobs, a closer relationship to Christ for all, conversion of our country, end to abortion, for my children's safety and protection in spirits, hearts, minds & bodies.

One of my favorite things...
After eight hour car trip,  with only one hour out of carI wanted no other projects to do, except swim.
We all love water! We love to be in the water, be rejuvenated by water, we bond together with water activities. This pool was a great idea, again. Craig added a more powerful filter to the one that came with the pool. We need to shock it after the rains this week. Today it was hot -  98 degrees hot. 
So the kids thought they would try to cool it off. It was bathtub temperature. 
So they threw ice in pool to try to make a difference. I never saw ice melt so fast.
Nicko worked at getting all ice in the house but still - I'd be surprised if thermostat moved at all. He would dump a container full, and before he could hop over into the pool, all cubes were gone.
Swimming usually wears the kids out faster than any other activity. But because of our drive, or just feeling better after her sickness this week, Miss Lillikin would not take a nap, and now will not go to bed. She is more in need of a nap than anyone I remember....maybe I should try night swimming to calm her down.

A few plans for the rest of the week...thankfully not much: piano, a couple meetings,.. hopefully some time to finish organization projects, clean carpet in my bedroom, get some math lessons done and multiplication facts reviewed. 
A favorite quotes for today...

From Unearthing Your Talents:
Cardinal virtues.."Four in number, these "talents of living" having traditionally been called the cardinal virtues, since they "are about those things upon which human life is chiefly occupied, just as a door turns upon a hinge.
Temperance perfects our capacity to seek what is truly good.
-Fortitude perfects out capacity to do battle with that which would keep us from the good.
-Justice perfects our capacity to seek and do good not only for ourselves
Prudence perfects our ability to determine the proper means to achieve the good and to act upon them.

"For a man to do a good deed, it is requisite not only that his reason be well disposed by means of a habit of intellectual virtue: but also that his appetite be well disposed by means of a habit or moral virtue."
St Thomas Aquinas

A peek into my day....
So, I don't know what other people do for long time in the car, but sometimes, I turn my phone over to my kids with something to entertain their little sister. I do not know where this video came from, it seems like something from the 70's and I'd bet Max found it originally to my family. Yes, I should provide something more intellectually stimulating or spiritually helpful for my kids, and I do sometimes. But sometimes I just need Little Miss not to scream when I am driving the car..... they all sing it - it borders on the annoying and silliness with them.
It would make me scream, but it has a calming effect on the little one.

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