Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Musing

Wishing all dad's a Happy Father's Day ! I was able to spend a little time with my dad this week, and with my kids' dad today.

This weekend has been relaxing and a bit productive. Craig was asked to spend time today at the church property, pulling fence posts, etc. Nick went with him. They had a good work day, and ate with fellow workers for bbq on the way home. Nick seems happy to spend his time helping his dad and the church this way.

The rest of us stayed home. Max was helping chop down a few trees in the front yard, The pesty neighborhood association has been sending letter about removing dead trees. We only found some small ones, and thought we'd chop down the tallows too. But the chain saw nicked Max's leg (not bad) but jammed something, and we had a little trouble with it still. The girls helped moving small trees and limbs to the burn pile in the back.

It was hot today! Humid! So, I started thinking since we didn't join the Y, we really needed a source of refreshment in the backyard and the pool store down the road had a really big above ground pool. I thought we had a big one before, but I think we had only the 12'. This is 15' but worse it's 42" deep. We didn't fill it up all the way today. I am not sure we will. Craig had a filter from past years' pools, so we should be set for fun in the back yard. It's deep for Lilly, so prayers for safety for all littles swimming in the pool.

I started reading Kristin Lavransdatter after a few recommendations including this one recently
by Simcha Fisher the other night. Molly was out, and Craig out of town and Lilly fussy, I couldn't sleep anyway. I was hooked from the beginning. I read until 3 am (and was only 17% according to Kindle). I am encouraging my oldest daughter to read it. It reminds me of the lessons taught in Pride and Prejudice, but with the consequences of life's decisions made while young effecting Kristin and her kinsmen throughout the years. Netflix has a movie only on the first part of her my queue.

I finished KL- very compelling, addictive book. I started looking at others to read by Undset. The movie from Netflix came- it is nice to see landscape and hear Norwegian, but I couldn't watch the movie. It was *wrong* from my mental visualizations. Maybe I clean things up a bit in my head and do not want to watch a non cleaned up version in front of me. It goes back tomorrow.

In an effort to keep the girls busy, they started making little fairy dolls again. I'm sure I'll get pictures up soon. They are very proud and excited by their beautiful creations.

We are praying for all fathers today, a friend's beautiful, young daughter as doctors try to determine the mass on her brain causing headaches, for a 13 year old boy still in the fight against cancer, healing of a family member of pneumonia, and for the souls in purgatory.

We have a few plans this week, with appointments with dentists, business associates, car repair, and friends and maybe another quick visit to Austin. We missed my mother in law last week, and would like to spend some time with her.

Favorite quotes & passages from Kristin Lavransandatter:

"Dear sister - all other love is merely a reflection of the heavens in the puddles of a muddy road. You will become sullied too if you allow yourself to sink into it. But if you always remember that it's a reflection of the light from that other home, then you will rejoice at its beauty and take good care that you do not destroy it by churning up the mire a the bottom."

"May God have mercy on you. May God grant you light in the light of this world and in the great light beyond."

"No one and nothing can harm us, child, except what we fear and love."
"But what is a person doesn't fear and love God?" asked Kristin in horror.
The monk put his hand on her golden hair, gently tilted her head back, and looked into her face. His eyes were blue and open wide.
"There is no one, Kristin, who does not love and fear God. bit it's because our hearts are divided between love for God and fear of the Devil, and love for this world and this flesh, that we are miserable in life and death. For if a man knew no yearning for God and God's being, then he would thrive in Hell, and we alone would not understand that he had found his heart's desire. Then the fire would not burn him if he did not long for coolness, and he would not feel the pain of the serpent's bite if he did not long for peace."

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