Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend Journal

Outside my window...the wonderfully scary sounds of a thunderstorm brewing in the skies.

I am thinking....too much about car repairs!
Tuesday - truck went into shop for power steering leak
Wednesday - pick up truck, repairs done
Thursday - Toyota dies on side of road, leaving Max stranded and needing to ride with tow truck to shop
I'm driving truck to Austin, repairs not done, brakes go haywire (with student driver driving).
Friday - pick Toyota up, repairs done.
Saturday - drop truck off at shop....and learn the leak was leaking quickly and we were lucky to have make it home without it needing a tow.

I am thankful...for Daddy Daughter Dances

In the kitchen...eggplant..something. I have too many eggplants, not enough liked recipes. There is only one plant, but it is producing eggplant babies like crazy. And we're going to cook out on the freshly welded repair the boys did for our grill.

I am last cycle of financials  for BRS: reconciling, journal entries like crazy today - FOR THE LAST TIME. yayayayay!!! almost done.
Also working on Sunday school schedules and registration forms for this fall's Sunday school (which I volunteer to coordinate). 

Activities and projects in progress...Molly and Euly are sewing cute little purses out of material scraps, the boys are doing various yard work projects and welding things in the shop.

I am make one last trip to Austin to do the final close of the business, pick up the last boxes of paperwork, and make a final lock down.

I am wondering...about the expression,
 "When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window"
....we'll see if it means anything special to me. Or, do I get to plan on being a full time homeschooling mother again?!?

I am praying for...our country.

A favorite quote for today..                    Remember the Alamo!
We watched the 2004 version of The Alamo. I wish they hadn't cast Billy Bob as Davy Crockett (well, he grows on you). And I really like Travis' portrayal.
Have we any idea of ALL the sacrifices our fore fathers made to give leave us this great country? And to witness the disrespect, desecration and deterioration of the gifts now under this administration. Two hundred men, thirteen days against thousands...changed history. Real sacrifice is never in vain. 

One of my favorite things...spending relaxing down time with my sweeties!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Celebrating the Independence of the United States of America. We will read the constitution, grill hamburgers, shoot fireworks, have some fun relaxing with family.

Something that makes me kids doing everything they can to keep cool. The high temperatures  have heated the pool to higher than bathtub temperatures. So, in the afternoons, the kids really work on ideas to cool it down. Nicko brought a large bag of ice that was taking up room in my freezer. It stayed frozen longer than individual cubes of ice, and was quite exhilarating as it passed by us in the water.

after a few moments, and lots of snap crackle pop, the bag was melting quickly.

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