Thursday, June 28, 2012

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Little Miss is feeling better.
After a week long worrisome, intestinal illness, my little sunshine is again operating at 110%.
Cc says she has found her future profession - a Hair Person.
She loves "doing" everyone's hair, has opinions on shampoo and conditioner, even bought her own comb and brush. Her little sister is a patient first specimen client.
These two have always had a up and down relationship. But it is obvious now that Cc is little Miss' favorite person. The way she yells "SHEESHEE" when she needs her big sister, is adorable. Here she gave Cc a kiss on the cheek. She loves to play telling secrets too. She can go on and on in her loud whisper voice, we just don't always know what to "pass on."

Lilly found our new prayer corner.

The other night I thought she might have had a relapse because she was up crying much of the night, and kicking her legs all directions, her dad helped with turns holding her all hours of the night.
But, little sweetie must had found a fire ant bed before bedtime.
Those little devils.
Her ankle was swollen.
No wonder!
round button chicken


  1. Your little girls are so sweet :) And poor dear with those bites!

    1. Thanks!
      This time of year, someone is usually asking, "Why did God make fire ants?" I have no answer.

  2. When they are healthy again it is such a relief. My six year old loves to play "beauty parlor" too!

    1. It's a treat to have a real person to practice on.