Thursday, June 7, 2012

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~
We've had rain forecasted for a few days, with no actual rain. The morning's forecast said if two storms, one from east, other from west, met up, we'd have a chance of scattered thunderstorms. Late afternoon, we watched these two storms converge over our house, and the excitement with a thunderstorm began.

Lil feels safe in mommy's arms
I was worried with the wind gusts about the garden, and when I checked, I had already lost the first sunflower to bloom. So, now it can brighten my kitchen window sill.

Lilly and Max were having fun imitating the thunder. Sometimes, she would feel a little scared, but sitting in big brother's confident arms, she knew she was safe.

it warms my heart to see my oldest and youngest happy together

finally rain - lots of rain! We've really needed it.

 my cool camera stopped these drops in mid air water plants with rainwater that the rain didn't reach.

The power went out.
At least we still can see to use the facilities.

see enough to pray the rosary

enough light to play and entertain the family on piano.

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