Friday, June 15, 2012

not-very-quick Friday 7 Quick Takes

June 15, 2012
Toddlers are funny learning how to talk.
I don't think of Lil as a baby- but I do call her baby or refer to her as "the baby".
We taught her that she's two, so when people ask:
"How old is Lilly?" she'll have an answer.
Almost by reflex, she holds up a thumb and pointer finger: "two".
But when we try to teach how to answer the other question people ask her:
"What is your name?"
We try to ask it other ways so she might change up her answer or see we are asking a different question, but the answer is always "two".
This morning I asked a different way, pointing at her siblings with their names, and patted her and I said to her "Lil" and she shook her head no and said...

 My Ode to Fire Ants

Oh! Ants, why do you sting me?
I only want to tend to my garden.
My yard, my family.

Your poison is your fame.
You sting without warning,
Signaling your brothers to do the same.

Prepare yourself for battle!
I will regain my right to be barefoot!

I gave you the rest of the yard;
But you invaded my garden,
My peace, my paradise.

And, you bit my feet over
and over with painful stings...
And drew first blood.

Goodbye for now dear enemy of mine.
This victory you can enjoy:
The memory of your sting will out last your mortal life and be with me for days,
maybe even weeks.

My garden is doing great - better than any Texas garden I've had. (I had better luck with gardens in Georgia). It's doing so good, it is outpacing what we eat. So, why not juice all the extras?

Summertime & kids
The "I'm bored" complaints started early this summer. We are still finishing school subjects, but the kids need some arts and craft activities to keep their hands and hearts busy:
Amazon box showed up today - yay!!
Little dress makings, little fairy makings with extra pipe cleaners, window art paint, and a new stomp rocket.

Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart, and a belated Happy St. Anthony feast day ( one of my special holy helpers) and a late happy Flag Day which happens to fall on the 5th anniversary of the passing of my father in law. He is missed!
Eternal rest grant him O Lord, May perpetual Light shine upon him, 
Through the mercy of God, may he rest in peace.

Do you ever read Nutrition Action by the Center for Science in the Public Interest?
I have never been a big fan of their newsletter, the holier than thou tone loses my interest. Almost a born again healthy attitude - "why aren't you listening to me" screech. Anyway, I saw the June '12 issue on my mother's coffee table, Their cover story showed me they hadn't changed their delivery style which is too bad since I know they are trying to send a helpful message:.

Still not getting it?
10 messages that don't seem to stick
(not a good start for me - already calling me stupid)
By Bonnie Liebman

"Here is a refresher on 10 topics that may have gone in one ear and out the other."
(could it be we are conscious of our food choices, we could be very busy mothers of  small children and sometimes eat what they eat..???) I'll try to minimize my snide comments. Pardon me for being defensive. I know they are right, it's just the tone..argh! -

1 Extra weight increases your risk of cancer.
(if I could snap my fingers and magic away these extra pounds, I would. It's not that easy.)
2 Subtle cues can make you eat more (or less)
(Right, only mindless idiots eat more than four potato chips...sometimes the voices of my kids asking for ice cream drown out those subtle cues.)
3 We're eating too many grains.
(One of those things that change from year to year...I'm thinking Paleo diet sounds interesting...)
4 Animal protein can help, not hurt, bones.
(this seems to be a change in their approach - I had remembered them anti meat)
5 Eating 3500 fewer calories doesn't mean you'll loose a pound
Really- not exaggerating here?! I think it would. That's like eating a fill serving of Outback's cheese fries with Ranch dressing on it by yuorself).
6 We don't eat enough potassium.
(would a banana a day help...?)
7 Don't expect vitamins to prevent cancer
(I don't, but they I need to believe they do some good)
8 Omega 6 fats don't cause inflammation
(yay! for mahi mahi!)
9 You need to cut calories as you get older
(definitely true over 40 ...back to #1)
10 Magnesium may lower your risk of diabetes 
(it's also good taken along with calcium to reduce blood pressure  - learned from my midwife)

OK - I know my comments were even more annoying. I know I am a little rebellious kid inside, because I hate to be spoken to condescendingly. Food addictions are real, and just because they say so, doesn't always make change easy. Now, there's the new coconut oil craze. I worry about jumping on because I remember when soy was supposed to be good for you. I can't help but be cynical, which probably makes me more unhealthy, sigh!

Happy Friday!
 Happy Weekend!
  Happy Father's Day!

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