Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gifts 1301 - 1400

1400 Everyone helping to organize & rearrange & clean schoolroom
1399 Clean carpets
1398 Open spaces open the imagination
1397 Dealing with people who forget
1396 Weather changing my plans (the way I was hoping anyway)
1395 Looking forward to a day past the ICK of basic.
1394 Summer cookout - hamburgers on the grill
1393 Saying no to evil 'ism's - working on materialism
1392 Trying to understand struggles are purifications toward the cross.
1391 Ice cream for breakfast - & silly girls
1390 Hubbie letting me get a few hours of uninterupted sleep
1389 Hearing from a friend - an update on her daughter's health
1388 Surviving childhood illnesses
1387 The rosary - power, promises, fruits and peace.
1386 A good long meaty book.
1385 Our shop, three oil changes - happy mama
1384  Refreshment of a above ground pool
1383 Leaving a complaint without being shrill
1382 Dinner out with my guys

1381 Late girl girl talk
1380 Someone to put cream on my itchy rash.
1379 Trying a new science class in fall for Euly and nick- new adventures to look forward to
1378                                                          I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I was living
My baby you will be
1377 Praying for JR today - five years
1376 Fighting and winning little battles
1375 My mom and her amazing hiking skills keeping up with kids 60 years younger!
1374 Compliments on how good my kids are when I had a rough time at church.
1373 My mom's soft sheets.
1372 Making peace with what could have been.
1371Views from the Oasis
1370 An afternoon at Viv's pool
1369 A morning hike with Viv and the kids
1368 My mom to help with a tired two year old
1367 "Hey mom.... I love you."-- 13 year old son.
1366 Peace in seeing no other solution - being resolved.
1365 Encouraging baby steps in the right direction
1364 Just missing the accident. Flying axles!
1363 Juicing garden veggies - yum.
1362 Tv free day- they are surprised they survived
1361 Siblings finding the joys and comforts of each others' company
1360 Siblings finding the good in each other
1359 "Hey mom, whats that tall flower in the garden."

1358 Smiles our way at church
1357 Hunger pang
1356 Much improved mood and outlook
1355 Evening walks
1354 New playmates for the girls
1353 A very productive day
1352 Molly's driving abilities - doing well.
1351 Dinner out with the Joneses - fun like old times
1350 Coffee in my blue willow cup
1349 Comforting her in the middle of the night - sleep can come later.
1348 a happy meal out together
1347 Lots of rain
1346 Not letting the rain storm keep us from mass.
1345 Cc and me in Eucharistic procession
1344 Fullness of Truth and Faith

1343 A prayer of St Ignatius Loyola
Teach us, good Lord
To serve you as you deserve,
To give and not count the cost,
To fight and not heed to wounds,
To labor and not ask for any reward,
Save that of knowing that we do Your Will.
Through Jesus Christ our lord.
1342 Lilly singing a song to me about me
1341 Air conditioning
1340 Summer refreshments - juice pops
1339 Hearing his voice over the phone
1338 Flight of the Concords are so funny: "You're too easily offended."....."I can't believe you said that."
1337 The awakening of a sleeping giant
1336 Feast days - the church's gifts to us - our heart, minds, souls and imagination!
1335 Rain in the forecast - looking forward to see it out my window
1334 Family's personal catch phrases and private jokes.- keep us united
1333 Schummy tummies that beg for "bubbles" to be blown on
1332 introducing the kids to another favorite author- Hilda van Stockum and the Mitchel family
1331 quick progress of school in the summer
1330 revolutionary heroes in our blood
1329 Mom helping fill in missing pieces on
1328 Hearing "I'm bored." already means we need to get creative with summer plans.
1327 Waking up to the gifts of another day.
1326 "One day I saw someone with ketchup...and a crane!" I am thankful for the times she talks even if that wasn't what she tried to say so enthusiastically.
1325 Watching journey 2 with squirrly girls - silly excitement
1324 Sticking to the plan
1323 clean and tidy-ness
1322 A store in walking distance - two birds with one stone
1321 Treat everyone how you would treat Christ - esp your children
1320 Finding silly sister pictures on my phone.

1319 Deep cleaning and the feeling it brings to my heart.
1318 Feeling full of gratitude and hope
1317 Re - re instituting the family rosary
1316 Regina caeli - pray for us
1315 E reading Calvin and Hobbs to Cc
1314 Shopping outing with girls
1313 "I farr...did you farr...?
1312 Seeing the joy of learning
1311 seeing new babies at church and visiting with their sweet mamas.
1310 Window covering adding color and coolness to the room
1309 Sleeping in, and hubbie taking first shift to mass, and then the surprise of seeing friends at mass.
1308 Nice visit with neighbor
1307 L 's first time to play like a big girl at Kendalls
1306 Date night at Eden - nice
1305 Car crash into garage door temp fix by hubbie
1304 Lilly has her prayer hands for dinner blessing - sweet reminder
1303 Craig & Marilyn coming all this way just to make my kids happy.
1302 "I will bless ever home in which an image of My Sacred Heart will be honored.." - Jesus
1301 Relief for rash

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