Saturday, June 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. My girls have passed around an awful stomach bug and my two year old caught it. The awful bug refuses to leave her alone. She is tired of it (me too). It has been days. The older girls did get over it, so will she, but it is so sad to see a lethargic little girl. I am so thankful she still nurses!
2. It has been a week of changing plans and appointments: some due to the illness, others due to people forgetting they made the appointment in the first place, and other minor conflicts....

3. ...which makes me think this guy could relate - and I realized I have a case of the Supposetobes:
(some bad language and crassness - if that bothers you - don't watch. 
I don't think he blinks...)

4. Then there is the good side effect of my wasted errand of driving an hour and half one way to a business appointment (which the other party forgot about) and immediately driving another hour and half back home (with a sick little one in tow). .....which is....
the incredible conversations it starts with my daughter along to help me.She is a big help - in many ways, but especially helping with the meeting that was supposetobe and getting perspective that it is ok, actually maybe, probably for the best.
So, the conversation that it started was how much is God involved in our day. Like that situation for instance. The other party had the free will to forget the meeting we made. God didn't do that. I guess I could have called and confirmed a meeting that was on my calendar, instead of assuming everyone keeps to their calendars. God didn't do that.
But, He knew it would happen. He also knew if my schedule kept as it was, the following 24 hours would have been very difficult for me and my little sick one, so instead of what was supposedtobe, I came home, sat around trying to reschedule holding my sick sweetie who really needed that in the first place.
So, what is the message on how involved God is in every move of our lives?.... He is , we just can't always see it, understand it, momentarily accept it.

We don't really know what was supposedtobe, do we? Thy Will be done.....

5. So, for changing attitudes and accepting that changes happening in life could be God's changes, I find myself needing to go back to gratitude, keeping a list to reflect on the good great absolutely incredible gifts in my life. They are many, too many to count. But I am counting, because as impossible as it seems, I do forget.

6. For stressful situations, I was reminded of what one of my first bosses told me as we were meeting new clients, and I was terrified.
Why worry? They can't eat you.
Twenty five years later, it still brings a smile to my face and a lighter heart.

7. Here is for getting past what was supposed to be and to fixing today...

Happy Friday!

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