Friday, June 8, 2012

7 Friday Quick Takes

Quick reflections on having a two year old in the house 
When people ask you if you tooted, peed or poo'd many times during the day, especially in response to a certain expression or you are found in a special hiding place, then it would be natural for you to randomly ask others, even of strangers, if they poo'd or tooted. She can get very defensive if someone asked her if she tooted when she didn't.

regarding #1:
Since she doesn't have a respected privacy when she goes potty, she has no concept of privacy when others go (me mostly) and the bathroom door is no barrier for her.  (need to get those locks fixed eventually).

Crick-in-the-necks' seem to heal quicker in toddlers than in large sized people.
She can get her neck contorted while in the car seat, despite our efforts to soften the angle. She may wake up momentarily pained, but thankfully its gone within minutes.

She wants to dress herself, but it is frustrating at times. She can turn red faced frustrated in an instant when the sleeves of her clothes aren't where they are supposed to be and will be very impatient while someone tried to help retrieve her arm stuck in an armhole. She is so proud to pull over a dress, then melts when she sees the tag in the wrong place. Actually, modesty is really a mute point as most clothes prove to be an inconvenience. Since she has figured out how to take off her clothes, she prefers life in the raw while at home. She has been fairly reserved in this practice when out and about.
The shoes are on and off, but need to be near her. "Shooooe." I do believe a love for shoes is an innate love in all little girls.

Speaking of communication: She's at the point that we can catch many words, but most sound like a foreign language. She will ask for something, and repeat it exactly the same way many times. Little Missy likes to sing and I heard a song yesterday that had the phrase "and I seeee mommyyyyy" repeated. I couldn't decipher the rest of the song, but each stanza always ended the same way. Such a darling!

Maybe because she's my sixth child, and maybe because I am an old momma, or maybe because there are so many big people around to help, tantrums are just silly at this point in our lives. She is a milder soul, but she still does have her own idea of how things should be done and how quickly someone should be helping. So if a tantrum does seem to be on the horizon, I can catch her eye with a smile, a little laugh, and she just can usually laugh it off.

Its a fleeting time. It's a joy filled time. It can be an exhausting time. But life with a two year old who loves to give out kisses, and delights in the small is good for all of us. It warms my heart to hear a sibling praise her good behavior or just her being. "She is wonderful." These older ones understand it is a big job to welcome a new person in the house, but the rewards and benefits of the outflow of love from one new little person is long lasting, far reaching, generationally influencing and fulfilling!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I really needed to read some of this today! My little girl will be two in about three weeks.
    #1--so true!
    #2--The last time that I went to the bathroom by myself during the day she climbed up the jogging stroller, knocked it over, and gave herself a bloody nose. Haven't been by myself in the bathroom since.
    #4--She spent most of yesterday wearing a shirt as a skirt.
    #6--She's my first and I still haven't figured out what to do with some of the tantrums.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. It does go by in a flash - I was doing this with my first almost twenty years ago, so I want to laugh at most it knowing it will be a memory soon.
      Enjoy - the wardrode choices get more interesting through the years.