Saturday, June 30, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dance

Our Girls' Group had their Daddy Daughter Dance last evening. I  am so grateful for this group of ladies, and their positive influence on my girls, on my whole family. Last night was an especially lovely treat. From the invitation:

The Daddy Daughter dance provides an opportunity for Fathers to minister to their daughter's heart through action and example.
This very special evening gives our daughters to chance to exercise manners and virtues indicative of a Lady.
It also gives our daughters a real chance to witness what a model of what respect and courtship look like.
At the very least, this night will help to bring father and daughter closer.

Daddy presenting his daughters at the dance.

Weekend Journal

Outside my window...the wonderfully scary sounds of a thunderstorm brewing in the skies.

I am thinking....too much about car repairs!
Tuesday - truck went into shop for power steering leak
Wednesday - pick up truck, repairs done
Thursday - Toyota dies on side of road, leaving Max stranded and needing to ride with tow truck to shop
I'm driving truck to Austin, repairs not done, brakes go haywire (with student driver driving).
Friday - pick Toyota up, repairs done.
Saturday - drop truck off at shop....and learn the leak was leaking quickly and we were lucky to have make it home without it needing a tow.

I am thankful...for Daddy Daughter Dances

In the kitchen...eggplant..something. I have too many eggplants, not enough liked recipes. There is only one plant, but it is producing eggplant babies like crazy. And we're going to cook out on the freshly welded repair the boys did for our grill.

I am last cycle of financials  for BRS: reconciling, journal entries like crazy today - FOR THE LAST TIME. yayayayay!!! almost done.
Also working on Sunday school schedules and registration forms for this fall's Sunday school (which I volunteer to coordinate). 

Activities and projects in progress...Molly and Euly are sewing cute little purses out of material scraps, the boys are doing various yard work projects and welding things in the shop.

I am make one last trip to Austin to do the final close of the business, pick up the last boxes of paperwork, and make a final lock down.

I am wondering...about the expression,
 "When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window"
....we'll see if it means anything special to me. Or, do I get to plan on being a full time homeschooling mother again?!?

I am praying for...our country.

A favorite quote for today..                    Remember the Alamo!
We watched the 2004 version of The Alamo. I wish they hadn't cast Billy Bob as Davy Crockett (well, he grows on you). And I really like Travis' portrayal.
Have we any idea of ALL the sacrifices our fore fathers made to give leave us this great country? And to witness the disrespect, desecration and deterioration of the gifts now under this administration. Two hundred men, thirteen days against thousands...changed history. Real sacrifice is never in vain. 

One of my favorite things...spending relaxing down time with my sweeties!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Celebrating the Independence of the United States of America. We will read the constitution, grill hamburgers, shoot fireworks, have some fun relaxing with family.

Something that makes me kids doing everything they can to keep cool. The high temperatures  have heated the pool to higher than bathtub temperatures. So, in the afternoons, the kids really work on ideas to cool it down. Nicko brought a large bag of ice that was taking up room in my freezer. It stayed frozen longer than individual cubes of ice, and was quite exhilarating as it passed by us in the water.

after a few moments, and lots of snap crackle pop, the bag was melting quickly.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

7 super-Quick Takes

1. I need to do this today, because Friday will be non stop, no life reflections on a computer, get fifteen twenty things checked off my checklist kind of day.

2. When it rains, it pours - is an awful, ugly & true statement when referring to life situations, but a lovely reality when referring to helping out my garden.

3. Tow truck drivers are not the most honest people in the world (Although I have had a good experience with two tow truck drivers on a July night two years ago when I was broken down - ok, it turned out I just ran out of gas (while gauge showed 1/4 tank), when my husband was out of town, and it was after midnight, and I had a carload of kids, who were tired from watching a Shakespeare performance under the hot Texas starry sky...those tow truck drivers were my heroes!
I digress, sometimes, like I witnessed today,  karma comes back and bites said dishonest tow truck driver.  Not literally anyway. Not wishing ill. Just that "what comes around, goes around"  expression is alive and kicking. The Golden Rule : 
"Do to others as you would have them do unto you."

4. *Ma always said, "No great loss without some small gain."
she was one wise woman. It is true, call it the silver lining. But if you try to look for it, it is really there.

* from Little House, of course.

5. There is also the "It could Always Be Worse" thought. I seem to find this works for me most of the time because, as a worrier, I have a pretty good imagination of what worse could be.

6. So, after a stressed day, I can always find a little refreshment in Mother Teresa:
" A sacrifice to be real must cost, must hurt, must empty ourselves. The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service, the fruit of service is peace."

7. After a long day driving all over, taking care of small "fires" and other emergencies.  I think of another Little House quote that rings so true:
Home is the nicest word there is.

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Little Miss is feeling better.
After a week long worrisome, intestinal illness, my little sunshine is again operating at 110%.
Cc says she has found her future profession - a Hair Person.
She loves "doing" everyone's hair, has opinions on shampoo and conditioner, even bought her own comb and brush. Her little sister is a patient first specimen client.
These two have always had a up and down relationship. But it is obvious now that Cc is little Miss' favorite person. The way she yells "SHEESHEE" when she needs her big sister, is adorable. Here she gave Cc a kiss on the cheek. She loves to play telling secrets too. She can go on and on in her loud whisper voice, we just don't always know what to "pass on."

Lilly found our new prayer corner.

The other night I thought she might have had a relapse because she was up crying much of the night, and kicking her legs all directions, her dad helped with turns holding her all hours of the night.
But, little sweetie must had found a fire ant bed before bedtime.
Those little devils.
Her ankle was swollen.
No wonder!
round button chicken

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Musings

Texas in the summer-
Not much different from week to week, it just gets hotter and more humid as we approach August. The rainy days are a momentary relief from the heat, causing sultry summer days that make me wonder how did the early Texas survive the stifling air in midday. A tradition of Siestas make sense, why don't we have this part of our day?

I am thinking that praying the rosary on road trips is essential. Just as I finished mine today, a trailer tire blew. And in just six miles from a tire repair place with Saturday hours and it was just before they closed at noon. Deo gratias.

Since we are not home, nothing is going on in the kitchen. We haven't eaten well on the road, mostly snacks. But we had Meyers BBQ in Elgin beef sandwiches for the drive home. Yummmm

 Why a sudden Austin road trip? Just a business meeting to get things rolling on closing our business. You know, sometimes when you dread an encounter for over a year, maybe even for many years, and that encounter is over and done with, there is such a sense of relief! I'm ready for a week long nap. My girls were able to have a quick visit with my mother-in-law and probably scared everyone at the assisted living home with three crazy girls on the loose. I did see lots of smiling faces when i picked them up. I'm sure Dd loved every minute of it, and hopefully is now enjoying a well deserved rest.

I don't have much else going in, no new projects. But the girls are finishing up their dolls quilts and I've begun a deep cleaning project of cleaning out drawers, dejunking and reorganizing. It is very satisfying work. The kids open an drawer and express some yell of surprise and delight that they are looking at a newly organized kitchen utensil drawer, place mats and napkin drawer or even the trivet drawer. (Yes, it was that noticable!)

I mentioned in an earlier post that I finished reading Kristin Lavransdatter. I loved every bit of it and regret that I read it so fast. I do not recommend the Norweigian movie, better played out in my imagination. I couldn't watch it. I am slowly reading Unearthing Your Ten Talents, A Thomistic Guide to Spiritual Growth by Kevin Vost  (recommended here) and rereading Hold On To Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld (recommended by a friend) on my kindle, but when I went to read a few pages, I saw Lilly had gotten a hold of my phone and deleted a few apps - including kindle! They made deleting apps too easy, if a two year old can do it. At least the kindle returned to the page I was on after I re-downloaded it. 

I am praying for...healing for those who need it, employment for those looking for jobs, a closer relationship to Christ for all, conversion of our country, end to abortion, for my children's safety and protection in spirits, hearts, minds & bodies.

One of my favorite things...
After eight hour car trip,  with only one hour out of carI wanted no other projects to do, except swim.
We all love water! We love to be in the water, be rejuvenated by water, we bond together with water activities. This pool was a great idea, again. Craig added a more powerful filter to the one that came with the pool. We need to shock it after the rains this week. Today it was hot -  98 degrees hot. 
So the kids thought they would try to cool it off. It was bathtub temperature. 
So they threw ice in pool to try to make a difference. I never saw ice melt so fast.
Nicko worked at getting all ice in the house but still - I'd be surprised if thermostat moved at all. He would dump a container full, and before he could hop over into the pool, all cubes were gone.
Swimming usually wears the kids out faster than any other activity. But because of our drive, or just feeling better after her sickness this week, Miss Lillikin would not take a nap, and now will not go to bed. She is more in need of a nap than anyone I remember....maybe I should try night swimming to calm her down.

A few plans for the rest of the week...thankfully not much: piano, a couple meetings,.. hopefully some time to finish organization projects, clean carpet in my bedroom, get some math lessons done and multiplication facts reviewed. 
A favorite quotes for today...

From Unearthing Your Talents:
Cardinal virtues.."Four in number, these "talents of living" having traditionally been called the cardinal virtues, since they "are about those things upon which human life is chiefly occupied, just as a door turns upon a hinge.
Temperance perfects our capacity to seek what is truly good.
-Fortitude perfects out capacity to do battle with that which would keep us from the good.
-Justice perfects our capacity to seek and do good not only for ourselves
Prudence perfects our ability to determine the proper means to achieve the good and to act upon them.

"For a man to do a good deed, it is requisite not only that his reason be well disposed by means of a habit of intellectual virtue: but also that his appetite be well disposed by means of a habit or moral virtue."
St Thomas Aquinas

A peek into my day....
So, I don't know what other people do for long time in the car, but sometimes, I turn my phone over to my kids with something to entertain their little sister. I do not know where this video came from, it seems like something from the 70's and I'd bet Max found it originally to my family. Yes, I should provide something more intellectually stimulating or spiritually helpful for my kids, and I do sometimes. But sometimes I just need Little Miss not to scream when I am driving the car..... they all sing it - it borders on the annoying and silliness with them.
It would make me scream, but it has a calming effect on the little one.

7 Quick Takes

1. My girls have passed around an awful stomach bug and my two year old caught it. The awful bug refuses to leave her alone. She is tired of it (me too). It has been days. The older girls did get over it, so will she, but it is so sad to see a lethargic little girl. I am so thankful she still nurses!
2. It has been a week of changing plans and appointments: some due to the illness, others due to people forgetting they made the appointment in the first place, and other minor conflicts....

3. ...which makes me think this guy could relate - and I realized I have a case of the Supposetobes:
(some bad language and crassness - if that bothers you - don't watch. 
I don't think he blinks...)

4. Then there is the good side effect of my wasted errand of driving an hour and half one way to a business appointment (which the other party forgot about) and immediately driving another hour and half back home (with a sick little one in tow). .....which is....
the incredible conversations it starts with my daughter along to help me.She is a big help - in many ways, but especially helping with the meeting that was supposetobe and getting perspective that it is ok, actually maybe, probably for the best.
So, the conversation that it started was how much is God involved in our day. Like that situation for instance. The other party had the free will to forget the meeting we made. God didn't do that. I guess I could have called and confirmed a meeting that was on my calendar, instead of assuming everyone keeps to their calendars. God didn't do that.
But, He knew it would happen. He also knew if my schedule kept as it was, the following 24 hours would have been very difficult for me and my little sick one, so instead of what was supposedtobe, I came home, sat around trying to reschedule holding my sick sweetie who really needed that in the first place.
So, what is the message on how involved God is in every move of our lives?.... He is , we just can't always see it, understand it, momentarily accept it.

We don't really know what was supposedtobe, do we? Thy Will be done.....

5. So, for changing attitudes and accepting that changes happening in life could be God's changes, I find myself needing to go back to gratitude, keeping a list to reflect on the good great absolutely incredible gifts in my life. They are many, too many to count. But I am counting, because as impossible as it seems, I do forget.

6. For stressful situations, I was reminded of what one of my first bosses told me as we were meeting new clients, and I was terrified.
Why worry? They can't eat you.
Twenty five years later, it still brings a smile to my face and a lighter heart.

7. Here is for getting past what was supposed to be and to fixing today...

Happy Friday!

Gifts 1301 - 1400

1400 Everyone helping to organize & rearrange & clean schoolroom
1399 Clean carpets
1398 Open spaces open the imagination
1397 Dealing with people who forget
1396 Weather changing my plans (the way I was hoping anyway)
1395 Looking forward to a day past the ICK of basic.
1394 Summer cookout - hamburgers on the grill
1393 Saying no to evil 'ism's - working on materialism
1392 Trying to understand struggles are purifications toward the cross.
1391 Ice cream for breakfast - & silly girls
1390 Hubbie letting me get a few hours of uninterupted sleep
1389 Hearing from a friend - an update on her daughter's health
1388 Surviving childhood illnesses
1387 The rosary - power, promises, fruits and peace.
1386 A good long meaty book.
1385 Our shop, three oil changes - happy mama
1384  Refreshment of a above ground pool
1383 Leaving a complaint without being shrill
1382 Dinner out with my guys

1381 Late girl girl talk
1380 Someone to put cream on my itchy rash.
1379 Trying a new science class in fall for Euly and nick- new adventures to look forward to
1378                                                          I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I was living
My baby you will be
1377 Praying for JR today - five years
1376 Fighting and winning little battles
1375 My mom and her amazing hiking skills keeping up with kids 60 years younger!
1374 Compliments on how good my kids are when I had a rough time at church.
1373 My mom's soft sheets.
1372 Making peace with what could have been.
1371Views from the Oasis
1370 An afternoon at Viv's pool
1369 A morning hike with Viv and the kids
1368 My mom to help with a tired two year old
1367 "Hey mom.... I love you."-- 13 year old son.
1366 Peace in seeing no other solution - being resolved.
1365 Encouraging baby steps in the right direction
1364 Just missing the accident. Flying axles!
1363 Juicing garden veggies - yum.
1362 Tv free day- they are surprised they survived
1361 Siblings finding the joys and comforts of each others' company
1360 Siblings finding the good in each other
1359 "Hey mom, whats that tall flower in the garden."

1358 Smiles our way at church
1357 Hunger pang
1356 Much improved mood and outlook
1355 Evening walks
1354 New playmates for the girls
1353 A very productive day
1352 Molly's driving abilities - doing well.
1351 Dinner out with the Joneses - fun like old times
1350 Coffee in my blue willow cup
1349 Comforting her in the middle of the night - sleep can come later.
1348 a happy meal out together
1347 Lots of rain
1346 Not letting the rain storm keep us from mass.
1345 Cc and me in Eucharistic procession
1344 Fullness of Truth and Faith

1343 A prayer of St Ignatius Loyola
Teach us, good Lord
To serve you as you deserve,
To give and not count the cost,
To fight and not heed to wounds,
To labor and not ask for any reward,
Save that of knowing that we do Your Will.
Through Jesus Christ our lord.
1342 Lilly singing a song to me about me
1341 Air conditioning
1340 Summer refreshments - juice pops
1339 Hearing his voice over the phone
1338 Flight of the Concords are so funny: "You're too easily offended."....."I can't believe you said that."
1337 The awakening of a sleeping giant
1336 Feast days - the church's gifts to us - our heart, minds, souls and imagination!
1335 Rain in the forecast - looking forward to see it out my window
1334 Family's personal catch phrases and private jokes.- keep us united
1333 Schummy tummies that beg for "bubbles" to be blown on
1332 introducing the kids to another favorite author- Hilda van Stockum and the Mitchel family
1331 quick progress of school in the summer
1330 revolutionary heroes in our blood
1329 Mom helping fill in missing pieces on
1328 Hearing "I'm bored." already means we need to get creative with summer plans.
1327 Waking up to the gifts of another day.
1326 "One day I saw someone with ketchup...and a crane!" I am thankful for the times she talks even if that wasn't what she tried to say so enthusiastically.
1325 Watching journey 2 with squirrly girls - silly excitement
1324 Sticking to the plan
1323 clean and tidy-ness
1322 A store in walking distance - two birds with one stone
1321 Treat everyone how you would treat Christ - esp your children
1320 Finding silly sister pictures on my phone.

1319 Deep cleaning and the feeling it brings to my heart.
1318 Feeling full of gratitude and hope
1317 Re - re instituting the family rosary
1316 Regina caeli - pray for us
1315 E reading Calvin and Hobbs to Cc
1314 Shopping outing with girls
1313 "I farr...did you farr...?
1312 Seeing the joy of learning
1311 seeing new babies at church and visiting with their sweet mamas.
1310 Window covering adding color and coolness to the room
1309 Sleeping in, and hubbie taking first shift to mass, and then the surprise of seeing friends at mass.
1308 Nice visit with neighbor
1307 L 's first time to play like a big girl at Kendalls
1306 Date night at Eden - nice
1305 Car crash into garage door temp fix by hubbie
1304 Lilly has her prayer hands for dinner blessing - sweet reminder
1303 Craig & Marilyn coming all this way just to make my kids happy.
1302 "I will bless ever home in which an image of My Sacred Heart will be honored.." - Jesus
1301 Relief for rash

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pretty, happy, funny, real

round button chicken

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Just going to pop in to make a post for {phfr} since I haven't missed one since I started joining in, but also because there is contentment and grace serving a sick child. This week my little Lil has been sick: an awful stomach bug with nothing pretty, happy or funny about it.
The nights have been hard. But there have been moments in the day when my little sweetie felt a bit better, good enough to spend a few moments in the fresh air, good enough to give her mom a smile.

{pretty & happy}

such a blessing she is!

Lil is pretty mild (or chill as my teenage daughter says) so she sits very still when she is not feeling well. She likes to lay across my chest perfectly still and likes me to read to her. Her big sisters entertain her in inventive ways; yesterday decorating her with a Little Kitty stamp (remnant on her nose and cheek). Her six year old sister said, "She's the nicest sick baby I ever saw."

Go see more contentment at Like Mother. Like Daughter and enjoy Lelia's post -wedding contentment.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Musing

Wishing all dad's a Happy Father's Day ! I was able to spend a little time with my dad this week, and with my kids' dad today.

This weekend has been relaxing and a bit productive. Craig was asked to spend time today at the church property, pulling fence posts, etc. Nick went with him. They had a good work day, and ate with fellow workers for bbq on the way home. Nick seems happy to spend his time helping his dad and the church this way.

The rest of us stayed home. Max was helping chop down a few trees in the front yard, The pesty neighborhood association has been sending letter about removing dead trees. We only found some small ones, and thought we'd chop down the tallows too. But the chain saw nicked Max's leg (not bad) but jammed something, and we had a little trouble with it still. The girls helped moving small trees and limbs to the burn pile in the back.

It was hot today! Humid! So, I started thinking since we didn't join the Y, we really needed a source of refreshment in the backyard and the pool store down the road had a really big above ground pool. I thought we had a big one before, but I think we had only the 12'. This is 15' but worse it's 42" deep. We didn't fill it up all the way today. I am not sure we will. Craig had a filter from past years' pools, so we should be set for fun in the back yard. It's deep for Lilly, so prayers for safety for all littles swimming in the pool.

I started reading Kristin Lavransdatter after a few recommendations including this one recently
by Simcha Fisher the other night. Molly was out, and Craig out of town and Lilly fussy, I couldn't sleep anyway. I was hooked from the beginning. I read until 3 am (and was only 17% according to Kindle). I am encouraging my oldest daughter to read it. It reminds me of the lessons taught in Pride and Prejudice, but with the consequences of life's decisions made while young effecting Kristin and her kinsmen throughout the years. Netflix has a movie only on the first part of her my queue.

I finished KL- very compelling, addictive book. I started looking at others to read by Undset. The movie from Netflix came- it is nice to see landscape and hear Norwegian, but I couldn't watch the movie. It was *wrong* from my mental visualizations. Maybe I clean things up a bit in my head and do not want to watch a non cleaned up version in front of me. It goes back tomorrow.

In an effort to keep the girls busy, they started making little fairy dolls again. I'm sure I'll get pictures up soon. They are very proud and excited by their beautiful creations.

We are praying for all fathers today, a friend's beautiful, young daughter as doctors try to determine the mass on her brain causing headaches, for a 13 year old boy still in the fight against cancer, healing of a family member of pneumonia, and for the souls in purgatory.

We have a few plans this week, with appointments with dentists, business associates, car repair, and friends and maybe another quick visit to Austin. We missed my mother in law last week, and would like to spend some time with her.

Favorite quotes & passages from Kristin Lavransandatter:

"Dear sister - all other love is merely a reflection of the heavens in the puddles of a muddy road. You will become sullied too if you allow yourself to sink into it. But if you always remember that it's a reflection of the light from that other home, then you will rejoice at its beauty and take good care that you do not destroy it by churning up the mire a the bottom."

"May God have mercy on you. May God grant you light in the light of this world and in the great light beyond."

"No one and nothing can harm us, child, except what we fear and love."
"But what is a person doesn't fear and love God?" asked Kristin in horror.
The monk put his hand on her golden hair, gently tilted her head back, and looked into her face. His eyes were blue and open wide.
"There is no one, Kristin, who does not love and fear God. bit it's because our hearts are divided between love for God and fear of the Devil, and love for this world and this flesh, that we are miserable in life and death. For if a man knew no yearning for God and God's being, then he would thrive in Hell, and we alone would not understand that he had found his heart's desire. Then the fire would not burn him if he did not long for coolness, and he would not feel the pain of the serpent's bite if he did not long for peace."

Friday, June 15, 2012

not-very-quick Friday 7 Quick Takes

June 15, 2012
Toddlers are funny learning how to talk.
I don't think of Lil as a baby- but I do call her baby or refer to her as "the baby".
We taught her that she's two, so when people ask:
"How old is Lilly?" she'll have an answer.
Almost by reflex, she holds up a thumb and pointer finger: "two".
But when we try to teach how to answer the other question people ask her:
"What is your name?"
We try to ask it other ways so she might change up her answer or see we are asking a different question, but the answer is always "two".
This morning I asked a different way, pointing at her siblings with their names, and patted her and I said to her "Lil" and she shook her head no and said...

 My Ode to Fire Ants

Oh! Ants, why do you sting me?
I only want to tend to my garden.
My yard, my family.

Your poison is your fame.
You sting without warning,
Signaling your brothers to do the same.

Prepare yourself for battle!
I will regain my right to be barefoot!

I gave you the rest of the yard;
But you invaded my garden,
My peace, my paradise.

And, you bit my feet over
and over with painful stings...
And drew first blood.

Goodbye for now dear enemy of mine.
This victory you can enjoy:
The memory of your sting will out last your mortal life and be with me for days,
maybe even weeks.

My garden is doing great - better than any Texas garden I've had. (I had better luck with gardens in Georgia). It's doing so good, it is outpacing what we eat. So, why not juice all the extras?

Summertime & kids
The "I'm bored" complaints started early this summer. We are still finishing school subjects, but the kids need some arts and craft activities to keep their hands and hearts busy:
Amazon box showed up today - yay!!
Little dress makings, little fairy makings with extra pipe cleaners, window art paint, and a new stomp rocket.

Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart, and a belated Happy St. Anthony feast day ( one of my special holy helpers) and a late happy Flag Day which happens to fall on the 5th anniversary of the passing of my father in law. He is missed!
Eternal rest grant him O Lord, May perpetual Light shine upon him, 
Through the mercy of God, may he rest in peace.

Do you ever read Nutrition Action by the Center for Science in the Public Interest?
I have never been a big fan of their newsletter, the holier than thou tone loses my interest. Almost a born again healthy attitude - "why aren't you listening to me" screech. Anyway, I saw the June '12 issue on my mother's coffee table, Their cover story showed me they hadn't changed their delivery style which is too bad since I know they are trying to send a helpful message:.

Still not getting it?
10 messages that don't seem to stick
(not a good start for me - already calling me stupid)
By Bonnie Liebman

"Here is a refresher on 10 topics that may have gone in one ear and out the other."
(could it be we are conscious of our food choices, we could be very busy mothers of  small children and sometimes eat what they eat..???) I'll try to minimize my snide comments. Pardon me for being defensive. I know they are right, it's just the tone..argh! -

1 Extra weight increases your risk of cancer.
(if I could snap my fingers and magic away these extra pounds, I would. It's not that easy.)
2 Subtle cues can make you eat more (or less)
(Right, only mindless idiots eat more than four potato chips...sometimes the voices of my kids asking for ice cream drown out those subtle cues.)
3 We're eating too many grains.
(One of those things that change from year to year...I'm thinking Paleo diet sounds interesting...)
4 Animal protein can help, not hurt, bones.
(this seems to be a change in their approach - I had remembered them anti meat)
5 Eating 3500 fewer calories doesn't mean you'll loose a pound
Really- not exaggerating here?! I think it would. That's like eating a fill serving of Outback's cheese fries with Ranch dressing on it by yuorself).
6 We don't eat enough potassium.
(would a banana a day help...?)
7 Don't expect vitamins to prevent cancer
(I don't, but they I need to believe they do some good)
8 Omega 6 fats don't cause inflammation
(yay! for mahi mahi!)
9 You need to cut calories as you get older
(definitely true over 40 ...back to #1)
10 Magnesium may lower your risk of diabetes 
(it's also good taken along with calcium to reduce blood pressure  - learned from my midwife)

OK - I know my comments were even more annoying. I know I am a little rebellious kid inside, because I hate to be spoken to condescendingly. Food addictions are real, and just because they say so, doesn't always make change easy. Now, there's the new coconut oil craze. I worry about jumping on because I remember when soy was supposed to be good for you. I can't help but be cynical, which probably makes me more unhealthy, sigh!

Happy Friday!
 Happy Weekend!
  Happy Father's Day!