Friday, May 4, 2012

A Quick 7

"In a significant victory for parental rights worldwide, a Vatican representative said all parents have the right to homeschool their children.
“The State should respect the choices that parents make for their children and avoid attempts at ideological indoctrination,” the permanent observer mission of the Holy See to the United Nations wrote in a statement released last Tuesday. "

We're so busy..
  I said...We're sooooo busy..

How busy are you?
We're so busy... we see the backs of our heads leaving just as we get home.

Da da da cha..

I know, it's not funny, not funny at all.

We need a plumber.
Molly took a bath and when she drained it, the water decided to change paths and come out the ceiling downstairs in the den.
Now we have a soggy, wet, sheet rock ceiling -  yucky
It's apparently happened before as we studied the secrets of the our ceiling. There are lots of signs of repairs - just done by an expert craftsman at ceiling repairs. Too bad no one repaired the leaky tub.

Midnight movie premiere
Teenager curfew
Loosing the fight other parents have already surrendered


Sick kids sleeping my room. I have 
Sleep Talkers.
(interjected loudly at the precise moment I was just able to fall asleep again):

"Euly!" "Lilly!" (Cc always yells her sisters' names)
"Wait up"
"Hug" with her arms outstretched ( I gave her one).

May crowning on Sunday. I am so happy for little Cc Marie who gets to place the crown on our Blessed Mother ("lifted by her father as if she is an angel descended from heaven")*. Not sure it will be as graceful as that, but definitely a life long happy memory for her.

*from our pastor's very detailed May Crowning plan.

I'll end with a picture, because I love signs of sister love,

even if the signs are "let me pull you in the picture because mom is trying to leave."

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