Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Guadalupe River

I think boys (of any age) love to be part of something being built, actually need to be part of it. There is an innate need to participate in building projects, only if for recreation.

On a little vacation camping trip with a few other families to the Guadalupe River to tube down the river and play at the nearby water park, during the downtime, my marine engineering student decided to rebuild a natural rock formation into a calm (and warmer) pool for some of the little kids to play in...

and to make it a bit safer to play in the water without being swept down stream.
He slowly started working on moving rocks to build the pool and make a dam slightly upstream, to divert water flow to make a faster shoot for the tubes coming down.
His dad started helping right away. Within a short time, some of the other boys put aside their tubes and started moving rock too.
some girls pitched into...
Slowly the dam took place raising the water level above the rock dam, calming the water below. More and more of the boys were drawn in, without a word, to help be a part of this project.

Hours went by...

I could start to see the new raised water path on the left.

a newly directed water way for tubing fun...
My son and I took a ride down the shoot in a kayak, It was fast and fun, until we were stopped short by a rock too big to move.

and a pool for the kids!
Project complete!

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  1. my children have yet to have such an experience because i get too nervous around rivers. i guess it would help if i visited a river name Guadalupe. praise God for a day filled of safety and adventure.

    1. Yes! Life jackets, water shoes and dads helped, too. The river is fairly shallow right now - but we did pray for Our Lady's protection. :)