Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Is there anything prettier than a sweet, little girl on her first Communion Day?
Cecilia is getting lot of wear out of her dress: first May Crowning, her First Holy Communion, and in June, procession for Corpus Christi celebration.

family visiting for the weekend means:
Playing with cousins - better yet, getting cousin to push you around in your new birthday car.

Grandma's latest sewing gifts:
matching doll/sister gowns:

Lil thinks a sink bath is just as fun as it always was. Just this time, she was helping with the dishes, she undressed, and hopped in on her own.

Just because they evoke such reactions out of my kids.
Lilly gets quite excited pointing them out from her car seat,

Molly hates cows,just due to one pretty scary childhood incident, but actually thinks this one is pretty.


  1. That sink bath is too much! How funny :)
    The matching dresses are beautiful.

  2. I like the picture of the "white ladies"...