Friday, May 4, 2012

Counting Gifts: Gifts, gifts, and more gifts

1200 Able to help at Kleb
1199 Playing with Papagayo
1198 Listening to teenage daughter about hair
1197 Quick healing to a weird "disease" HFM
1196 Writing inspiration
1195 Sweet girls to go along for the ride with me
1194 My gardening partners who love to bring in our produce
1193 Girls sleeping well despite my insomnia
1192 home safe after a long drive with sad baby
1191 looking for homes for sale in Galveston - fun to dream
1190 Col.Bubbies
1189 La Kings
1188 Swimming! Cc reminding herself how.
1187 Hotel Galvez
1186 Serious talk for boys o grow to be men - thankful for scout.
1185 Euly's art experiments
1184 Building routine and stamina for school - breaking bad habits
1183 fever went down - thankful for echinecea
1182 sweetie sleeping through a fever
1181 Being married to a great cook
1180 Someone to snuggle with
1179 Happy that Craig is happy
1178 Educational tour of the altar
1177 Not finding the material, but finding a pillow already made - done
1176 Happy that Cc can express herself in her own pictures
Dad, Mom, Max, Moly, Nick, Euly & LIlly - no Cc?
"No, you don't want me over there." Oh, yes I do!
1175 So thankful swimming tires little people put so they'll take a nap
1174 Euly moving in front for ballet class
1173 Sursum corda (Lift up your hearts)
1172 First confession - DONE!
1171 Relaxing on the couch after a productive afternoon.
1170 Cc finally having her prayer memorized.
1169 “When tempted, invoke your Angel. He is more eager to help you than you are to be helped! Ignore the devil and do not be afraid of him: He trembles and flees at the sight of your Guardian Angel.” (St. John Bosco)
1168 Lilly's own love song to us
1167 A nice long phone call from Max out of the blue.
1166 A needed break in a crazy overfilled schedule
1165 Four types of eye drops to combat eye allergies
getting use to glasses - full time
1164 People kind on random emails
1163 The end is in sight - hopefully
1162 Healthy eye veins
1161 Coming in to a clean smelling house- surprise from daughter!
1160 Lessons In Humility and being reminded to look before hitting send
1159 Christmas lights up all year long to make us happy
1158 Impromptu conversations with the kids in marriage, our gov't, making life decisions- leading into thought provoking discussions
1157 Kids suggesting what "Pa" might do in a given situation
1156 Cc's fresh dewberries for me
1155 Waking up to 50 degrees at the end of April
1154 Offering words of council - being heard
1153 How Little Miss never takes her eyes off her daddy - full of love
1152 Tummy licious
1151 Shummy lumnous. Aren't silly nicknames fun?
1150 Echoes of conversations heard from other parts of the house make the house feel alive
1149 Busy May plans - new plans added daily - hard to fit it all in - tough choices
1148 A good AR day - and soon I won't say that again
1147 The most patient dentist & hygienists - ever
1146 Musically talented kids
1145 DQ dipped cones
1144 Picture books
1143 Caught up with accounting
1142 Finding a book I had been searching for
1141 Sharing the rv for a great purpose
1140 Date night
1139 Thankful Craig knows so much and teaches others
1138 Watching Charles Dickens' Great Expectations with Craig
1137 Moments in peace
1136 Seeing Nicko help carry the load
1135 Daughter's chicken and dumplings
1134 Daughter's egg salad
1133 Sweet tasting cucumbers
1132 That the chain saw injury wasn't as bad as it could have been
1131 Windows open breeze bringing sweet smells in house
1130 Garage sale goods making little girls happy
1129 Movie _39 Steps_ at 3a.m. to distract insomnia
1128 Hard working Saturday
1127 Blue willow tea set
1126 Every day is a fresh start
1125 Daughter to distract my thoughts
1124 Dickens
1123 Learning and welcoming lessons in humility
1122 Sharing our joys
1121 Kindness between sisters
1120 Sleeping breaks from her discomfort
1119 Knowing her arm isn't broken but wishing her pain would stop
1118 Chopped beef - Full of Bull style
1117 Son taking responsibility for his bands
1116 It could always be worse
1115 Walk around yard with Miss Lillikins
1114 Cc offering me her gum ball
1113 At least Euly finding the tone and technique her piano teacher was looking for - confidence builder!
1112 Cc holy family nativity picture decorating my walls
1111 Discussing how to protect virtue with all my girls
1110 Tooth fairy coming right before she wakes up
1109 Refocus children after conflicts - leaving them with hope
1108 Cc saving Lilly in bath tub
1107 Something to read at 5 a.m.
1106 Going over George Washington's rules of Civility
1105 Veggie Tales teaching about forgiveness 7 x 70 times
1104 Hubby filling the freezer with briskets
1103 Getting the good pieces out of brisket like old times
1102 Watching L as she tries to make friends with the boy in the shark shoes
1101 CC and Lilly watching Shirley Temple songs on youtube, then singing themselves.

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