Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Day Book

Outside my window...windy! Rain has been predicted just a few days off all week, never getting closer, always a few days off. And still no rain. (not worried yet).

I am thinking....It is nice to have our own ice cream lady:
If you want, read about our ice cream lady's visits
I am thankful...for my hard working husband. Everyone has found out how wonderful he is: handy, hard working, fun to be around, so everyone wants him to help with various projects and activities. He loves to help, and doesn't say no.

In the kitchen...our kitchen will be closed all today. Letting Sunday-morning-after- mass-coffee- and- donuts be breakfast and barbq for linner: lunch and dinner.

I am creating...embroidered place mats with my girls. My mom gave Molly a sewing project with canvas material already cut for place mats and the girls thought it would be fun to embellish them with various flowers.

I am the Waller County 4h BBq today. We are involved with the 4h shooting sports and are helping today. Looking forward to some good bar b q for lunch and bringing home brisket for later.

I am wondering...whats the best thing to do for allergies when you don't know what you are allergic too. Craig is allergic to something blooming outside. Sometimes just the smell of cut grass bothers his allergies. He's not complaining when he is awake, but the scream snores give it away when he is sleeping.

I am reading...Little Town on Prairie...Mondays With Mary, and randomly most other previously mentioned books that are unfinished, when I have a moment and if the book is beside me at the time. (is this category stressing me?)

I am hoping...I can know today about first communion so I can make plans for family to come.

I am looking forward to...a possible visit to San Antonio with hubby on business trip to go to river walk and Alamo...

I am use techniques used in Nick's therapy for Cc. She is having a hard time with reading. I pulled out Nick's metronome, removed all other distractions, focused with her, and it was an instant improvement. It worked through our whole phonics lesson to keep her focused, until she wanted to play with the metronome. ;) Will still use again to see if there is some magic in doing school to a beat.

Around the house...various small repairs getting checked off my list; feels good.

I am praying for...Cc's first communion test to go well.

A favorite quote for today...
Jesus, I trust in Thee.
I love Divine Mercy Sunday!

One of my favorite car - when it is behaving well. Lately, it has not been. It's been all about the tires and brakes for a while. Everything was fixed, and re-fixed, and yet I still have a jumpy steering wheel and a tire looking like its loosing air. The tire shop guys always look at me funny when I describe what it's doing, so my husband dropped it off the last time, and still I'm not happy. I just hate that feeling something isn't right.

A few plans for the rest of the week... same routine, maybe that's why I am looking forward to a mini vacation before our bigger summer plans. Scouts, piano, ballet, math, girls group &/or nature journal class field trip (deciding..), birthday party.

Something that makes me happy...hearing Cc tell me. "Mom, I'm glad you are my mom."
I am so glad just to know her, but to be her mom- that's a Gift!

A peek into my day...we love spring flowers:

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