Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ice Cream and Happy Childhood Memories

“Do you have an ice cream lady? We do.” Cc asks her friend who lives in a nearby town. Saturdays & Wednesdays in spring, summer, fall and winter, without fail, brings the ice cream lady down our street musically announced by a horrible, repetitive, pied piper tune.

 During Lent, I would try to hear it first to make sure we had some distraction so there wouldn’t be a temptation to run down the end of the drive. She always slows by our house, but it had gotten bad when she would actually stop in front of our house I guess it was automatic that we would buy ice cream. Was it? Not always.
 This afternoon found just me and the youngest girls at home. We decided to go for a walk to the park on this lovely, windy, spring day. Cc had been looking for the ice cream lady since Easter. We missed Wednesday while visiting at a friend’s house and came home too late. She was not going to miss again. All afternoon she would think she heard the sound, but it was so breezy I didn’t hear it. 
I am sure she did.
 On the way home from the park, the tune gets distinct, then louder, and the girls are sure she is close. We see her round the turn and we flag her down with a wave. She offers to go back by our house once done with this section(she knows us by name and address!). The whole while Lilly is yelling “ice, ice” and Cc is dancing around. Cc understands it is easier to eat ice cream at home than on a walk, but poor Lilly doesn’t. Thankfully Cc’s excitement is catching, and we happily hurry back home. 
We set up chairs at the end of the drive and wait.

 “I hear it, mom.” But the sound disappears with the wind again. The girls are happy while waiting, knowing our ice cream lady will keep her promise and eventually bring their long desired sweets. They dance and practice the ballet recital moves on the street for me to watch, while I play the piece on my phone from Swan Lake. (How did we do things before?)

 Getting dark, we are still waiting. The rest of the family returns home and wonders why we are waiting at the end of the driveway for something to happen. Just mention of “Ice, ice!” answers that question.  They can't help but join us. We notice two teenagers waiting at the end of their drive a couple houses down.

 We hear it, definitely close, but they have to wait for those boys to place their order.

 Finally! She arrives. The wait was worth it. Oh Saturday night memories! Cc proudly paid for her own with her recent cash from the tooth fairy for the two bottom front teeth. Our ice cream lady loves to visit with us, we enjoy her company, too. I am sure my girls think she comes to bring ice cream just for them. At least I know they brighten her day with their excitement to see her.

 We visited a little bit. She complimented my kids’ manners. She said she loves bringing children happiness, but was sad because earlier when a boy was running to get money from the house, he fell and broke his two front teeth in half.  Poor dear!
I knew mine had a few scraped knees due to the same excitement. I hope that boy will still have happy memories of the ice cream lady’s visits.

I scream, you scream
We all scream for ICE CREAM!

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