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HEK: How far have we come?

Okay, I do try to stay naive to the evils of the world. But something was forced in my notice today that I do not know how to process except to freak out, clear out my pantry, make permanent mental changes for my shopping behavior, pass it on and pray.

Apparently we dumb consumers need help understanding that some foods are for us to eat, even if our taste buds tells us otherwise. Some evil scientist thought - Hey, ya' know, what do they do with all those aborted babies? Let's come up with a way to use their cells, to make food taste better. Wouldn't that be a joke - make people eat people?

What? Weird science fiction.
Look here for.the first story shared with me
People were outraged and some denials in the comments section. One sited the scientists on wikipedia for this information on Senomyx
Senomyx's public report

Food flavoring: HEK - 293
Human. Embryonic. Kidney. Cells.

Who would do this? Why would the thought have entered in the mind of a scientist to look at an aborted baby's kidney cells for.... food enhancement ???? I know people refer to the Holocaust in these discussions, but analogies are usually true. I can't get out my mind the knowledge the Germans use the skin of murdered Jewish children as lamp shades since their skin was soft and flexible. They didn't think their victims were human people either.

The following companies are reported to use HEK in contract with Senomyx:  Pepsico, Kraft, Nestle' and others. Since these companies are not up front answering what specifics products are affected, and vaguely deny use, I choose to boycott them all. Most Nestle' and Pepsi products I don't use anyway, but there are a few on the Kraft list that will be harder, but worth finding generics. None of these food lines are really healthy and probably should be avoided for those reason anyways, but there wiil be times someone wants me to pick up a soda, we will know what to avoid:
PEPSICO a line of their products
KRAFT products:


Here are some communications between Children of God for Life people and Senomyx partners. Campbell removed their association with Senomyx immediately.

They say: none of the actual cells are in the final products we consume.
Oh, that is suppose to make us feel better? Cells are used in testing.
They say: what's the big deal, it may not be continued cells from more aborted babies, that anything used now may be cloned, but is that true? Should that make a difference?

I can not believe we are having this conversation!

A report from a Catholic perspective on the ethics of this:
"To develop a cell line using tissue from an aborted fetus, the agent must arrange for tissue to be taken from the dead fetus (assuming that the one doing so is sure that the fetus is already dead) and be delivered to him, or obtain the tissue himself. This entails an intimate intersection of the act of abortion and the act of
developing the cell line. Furthermore, there is the issue of obtaining consent for use of fetal tissue, which is usually done before the abortion is performed, given that the tissue is best worked on while it is fairly “fresh,” and that it may not be appropriate to obtain consent after the abortion because of the potential emotional stress of the mother.
from National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly on Ethics of HEK293

Want to get more outraged? Here is where you can buy some HEK 293. I didn't even want to search their other products under homo sapien categories.

So let's get this straight: mothers go to PP for an abortion, and PP gets paid for that service whether by the mother or the taxpayers, then PP sells the body parts to enhance our food and for who knows what others purposes. Does the mother read the fine print on the abortion release she signs to see this? Seems PP should pay her, that might give her pause. Doesn't the medical industry pay for the parts: donated sperm, donated eggs, donated blood? What other industry gets paid on both ends? Junk yard? no they pay for scrap, yard waste is the only thing that comes to mind.

Yard waste. The many of the youth of our country, aborted and repackaged like yard waste, all to make junk food taste better. How is this possible?

Our Lady of Guadalupe - pray for us!  
Sacred Heart of Jesus - Heave Mercy on us!

****UPDATE**** January 13, 2012
This post is the most viewed post on my blog. Welcome! Most reading it must come from something googled about Kraft or HEK. It is surprising how many people don't know about this atrocity, or that PP actually makes money on aborted babies. Here is another article to read about PP's profits, which look to be the amount of $449.15 average profit of killing a child in the womb. So since PP deals on VOLUMES of numbers of babies killed, their "excess" or PROFITS were $155.5 million in 2010-11 and $87.4 million in 2011-12; total "excess" / PROFITS since 2000-01 fiscal year of $771 million. 
Why do they need our tax dollars when their evil business is so profitable?
Again, I have to wonder if those mothers are told how much PP will make on their aborted tissue baby?

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