Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Too many things scheduled for one day. We had to make hard choices.
And I am making all the easy happy choices I can.
Not that a four hour driving  round trip nature journal field trip wouldn't be a great experience- our girls group was rescheduled and had made plans for some friends to come over and play in afternoon, we'll have to make the next field trip.
Homeschool conference this weekend.
Not really ready to look at curriculum for next year.
Is it bad to go just to find old friends to reconnect with?
I don't know if it's worth going to be tempted to buy something I don't need.
Our local economy has done better than the rest of the country since the recession hit. But lately it's been showing signs of being hit hard now. My hair salon/ boutique closed. It might have been a little too trendy and a head of it's time for out semi rural/ suburban area with all organic products. But how about the little lady with he antique/ junk store we have found good items for tea before. And yesterday I received notice my property tax district appraised  my house's value lower without me having to fight tooth and nail. 
Decided to keep up my Lenten fasting from tv - mostly. Hubby has it on some so I see some in passing and I did look at recording that happened during my absence and watch masterpiece theater Charles Dickens movie The Mystery of Edwin Drood. My husband said while passing through, "Oh, an English show, your mom must be watching tv again."
Day of semiannual garage sale in our neighborhood - girls are up early to check out a few stops on our way out of the neighborhood. I cant imagine what we might need, so I am moving slow.
She has a lot to say, but it's mostly not English. We talked to her as if it is, and occasionally hear a word we recognize.

"Emem at um Sheshe Sheshe Sheshe?
Ah elum Ai"

Now we know "SheShe" is for her sister Cc.
She also loves to pick flowers and make me pick the ones up high.
I enjoy sharing them with her.

She is holding her arm funny because Tuesday night her sister popped her finger. It was a deep pop, so it must have hurt and she decided it was broken and I have had to hold her since the slightest movement brings on fearful screams of anticipated pain. I worried I should bring her to the doctor, but when she slept I could move the joints around and see all was really ok. I think there was a slight sprain but by today the pain should be gone. In her own language I heard her mention Cc so much I had the idea Cc should formerly apologize. She did and she kissed her wrist and all was immediately better. Crazy little girl.

more quick takes

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