Sunday, March 4, 2012

Three mormons knock on a door....

Okay, it is not the start of a joke, but tonight,

Three young Mormon men came to my door. They were kind, neat looking young men. They were not terribly confident, stammered a bit, but I believe being there together gave them more courage. The main speaker was Hispanic. I told him we were practicing Traditional Roman Catholics. He said most in his family were Catholic. He tried to make a connection with me regarding children and baptism and how the celebration brings families together. I wholeheartedly agreed. The occasions we celebrate sacraments are my favorite memories in our family. I launched from there to all the sacraments, especially speaking of Holy Communion. They politely asked me a few questions about sacrament preparation for Holy Communion. I know they have some rituals that resemble Catholicism, but they are missing much, especially the True Presence.

We spoke for a little while. I mentioned the Mass we attend is in Latin. One asked if that meant I could talk to him in Latin. I thought that was funny. It was a pleasant exchange - but, no conversions on either side.

I am glad I was polite and answered the door. It was a pleasant exchange and now we will especially pray for the one front man to return to his Catholic roots! My neighbors across the street are Mormon, former Catholics. I had a feeling she might have sent them my way for practice, I'll have to ask. She knows where we stand regarding the practice of our faith. It was already dark outside, so I thought something was off. She knows we are committed Catholics. She has sent her daughter to Mass with us on a few occasions. I knew she was preparing a special meal as she borrowed some of my bread yeast earlier in the day because she didn't have time to run to the store. I mentioned to these young men that my neighbors were Mormon, they smiled and said they were headed there for dinner when they were done. hmmm

It may be because of Romney is in forefront, but it seems Mormonism is becoming more prevalent. From an ideology stand point, I do not see the draw. But then, I cannot see the draw in any other religion. I believe in the true teachings of Christ and that I belong to the Church He established; what else could match the fullness of our Faith? But, there is a draw for some to be part of community, part of a cult-ure to belong. I could see there three young men had a bond because they were embarking on a quest they believed in together, pulled up their courage with every door they knocked at, and experienced together a rite of passage to adulthood.

I don't know how they are greeted at the other doors they knock at, but hopefully they will remember kindness from the Catholic neighbor who stood by her faith.

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